Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here are a million pictures of the kids! I can share the "Christmas picture" ones with you because Andy didn't like their outfits so we aren't using them for our Christmas cards. I thought the kids looked adorable but he said Alex's dress looked like something his sisters would have worn when they were little and I don't think he liked Ryleigh's either! OH-WELL!! We redid the pictures this morning and he is right, they do look better in matching jeans and shirts he went out and bought them last night! I'm just glad for his help in it this year!!

Looks like Eric has a little surprise in his nose! Don't know what that was!

Our tiny little Christmas tree!!

Smiling!! I LOVE her smiles!!

Rudolph Eric

Rudolph Alex

Rudolph Ryleigh-love her little hands and foot!

Rudolph family!! ...Plus Noah... :)

Caught another smile!!

Hello Again...

So I've decided to close my Myspace account and start up this blogging stuff again! Myspace just isn't for me anymore and I'm not really into doing Facebook. This blogging is pretty fun so here we go again! I'll just ignore any comments I don't care for!! :)
Hey if you want a card from us I need your address PLEASE!!! Thanks!!
I will post pictures in a while...Andy should be home for lunch soon so I'll post them when he goes back to work!! ...As long as the kids cooperate!! :)