Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy!!

So here are a million pictures of Andy's big day!! He turned 28 today!!

I got up early and got Andy his Birthday Burger King breakfast! Crown too!!

SURPRISE DADDY!!! Andy just getting home from work.

Poor Alex not feeling well but keeping Mommy company while fixing supper.

Groovin with the music on the radio! A cold can't stop her moves!

Trying something new! Gyros...Andy said they were good but the smell made me sick so...

Attack of the balloons!! Over 60 of them! WHEW!

Trying to be tough but its not fun...

Andy trying out his present...Wii American Idol...so much fun!!

Alex gets her groovin moves from her Daddy!

Holy crud! 28 candles really do make smoke when blown out! SERIOUSLY!
" Better than ANYTHING cake"

Trying out the cool present from Auntie Becki!!

So not really sure what I'm doing wrong with the blog. Sorry for the big gaps between each picture.
I hope Andy had a good Birthday?!?!? We had fun blowing up the balloons and wrapping presents. It was fun to surprise Daddy! I don't know what happened with his surprise dinner. He said the Gyros were good but was he just trying to make me feel better?? I got really sick (head between my knees sick to my stomach) while cooking the meat. It just didn't agree with me I guess...so I didn't get to eat it. We've had so much fun tonight playing the American Idol Wii game. Andy has a very good voice!! Me...not so much!! But its a blast!!