Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holy long post!

So here is another long post since I don't blog very often.
These first pictures are from my parents house Christmas Eve. They started a tradition of a pie eating contest each year. Since Andy isn't a fan of chocolate pie I was the one who did it for our family. I USED to love chocolate pie...not so much anymore!!

My oldest brother started off by shoving my face into the pie! I had chocolate pudding up my nose...GROSS!!

This brother thought he was going to win. HA! maybe next year!!

Face full of pie! YUM!

Sharing my pie with my brother in law!! (I was cheating but he was winning!! I had no other choice!) He almost puked when I did that!!

Compared to my face I don't think Lisa tried very hard to win!!

I took 3rd place! I was giggling so hard I had no chance of winning! My brother in law that I shared my pie with won 1st place and my cousin took 2nd...neither one of them laughed throughout the whole thing! Took winning very seriously I guess! :)

My BEAUTIFUL Lisa!! So glad she is home now!!

Ryleigh loving her baby!!

New Years Eve-playing the Wii...Eric loving BJ's hat!

Silly kids!

She is getting SO BIG!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

She did it!!!

So because the three kids are always running around like crazy 2 and 4 year olds Ryleigh doesn't get much floor time. While the kids were eating breakfast I put her on the floor for a few minutes and noticed she kept laying on her side. So I thought I should snap a picture for Andy because it's a first for her and its exciting!! Then this is what she did!! I was so glad I had the camera in my hand so Andy can see it happen too!!

I think she was pretty surprised that she ROLLED OVER but then was pretty pleased with herself!! She is getting SO BIG!!