Monday, September 22, 2008

Ryleigh Ann...Here she is

This is andy blogging and i have never done this before. These are pictures of our newest bundle of joy. Everything went well. Ryleigh Ann was 7 lbs 14 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. This picture here is a Beanie Baby she received just to show you how small she is. AND BEAUTIFUL....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Sweet Angels

Busted with Mommy's eyeliner!

Eric "being Mommy"!! Oh so funny...!!

I love these two to pieces!! They have been so amazingly sweet to me. They both came into our bed this morning...usually not such a sweet thing...this morning I didn't mind. I'm going to miss them so much while I'm in the hospital so there are no arguments when they come into our bed. Anyway...they came in and Alex was on my left and Eric on my right side. Alex was falling asleep there rubbing my arm and Eric was rubbing my face. It was dark so I don't think either of them knew the other was rubbing me! Maybe my fat skin is so so soft?? (That's what my mom used to say about her skin when I would tell her it was so soft!) Since this was at an hour they should have been sleeping and they were both half asleep I think they were just being loving and sweet! I loved it though!! I love when Eric just comes up to me and says he loves me and when Alex says "Love...mommy...sooo...much". (Her sentences come out slowly!) We have been so blessed with sweet sweet children! I just adore everything about them!!


In less than 24 hours we will have a baby. I'm getting to the basket case point now. Andy asked what was with me while he was home for lunch because I was being really silly. I think I'm just going nuts! It's better to be silly and giggle than to sit down and cry right?? Don't get me wrong...I'm so excited! I'm just really nervous for tomorrow to actually come.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just an EVERYTHING post...

I don't have anything exciting to blog about or any cute pictures of our kids to show off...I think mostly I'm just getting really anxious and nervous about this baby coming. I love this blog stuff because I can use it to vent out all of my nerves and frustrations!!
First frustration: Had an OB checkup 2 weeks ago and was at a certain weight...went in 1 week later to meet with the doctor doing the c-section and was still at that same weight. One week later (2 days ago) I go in for my last OB checkup and I gained 6 lbs. WHAT??? I was shocked. 6 POUNDS!! 6 STINKIN POUNDS in ONE WEEK!! WHAT IS THAT?? I'm not swollen or anything that would explain 6 lbs. The doctor just laughs at me as he has this entire pregnancy. He probably thinks I'm some really vain dumb girl who is pregnant and doesn't want to gain any weight. I'm totally fine with gaining weight and being very healthy for the baby. I'm all for that! I just don't want to gain the weight I did with Eric. Oh my goodness...I was a WHALE! He says he wanted me to gain 30 lbs and now I've done that...he says it like 30 lbs is oh so easy to lose. Grr...
Anyway...I had a very productive day today. I cleaned all of my kitchen cupboards. Ok well not the ones with pots and pans but I did all the food ones. That made me really mad at myself. We just painted what 9 months ago?? We're talking pulling all the food out of the cupboards and putting it all back when we were done painting....key words...PUTTING IT ALL BACK. I had food that expired in 2007. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I PUT OUTDATED FOOD BACK?? So dumb. Anyway...its all clean and taken care of NOW! Then I went outside and cleaned the garage. I even went so far as to sweep it all out! After naps we all went back outside and the kids wanted me to make them a pile with the leaves. So yep! I raked the yard. Well most of it. Only to have the kids spread the leaves everywhere. It was fun for them though. Not so fun for me at the moment however. I'm pretty sore and exhausted now. Sad thing is I still have so much to do tonight. The daycare kids moms and our neighbor all think I'm nesting. NESTING?? No, definitely not nesting...nesting would have been a month ago. What this is is FREAKING OUT that I didn't do it a month ago and now we'll have a baby in TWO DAYS!! :) I just hope I have all the important stuff done. I think all the baby stuff is ready. The stuff I'll need is pretty much ready. Now I just need to do a last cleaning so I don't get to do it 2 days after I get home. Maybe if I'm really good and plan it out just right I can do a little tonight, some tomorrow while the kids are here, and then the rest after the kids leave tomorrow night. I don't want to vacuum while the kids are still here...that would be pointless. The good news is that both of the kids will be picked up at 4:30!! One wasn't going home till 6:30 but her grandma is coming to get her at 4:30 so I can have the night with my family! SO NICE!
Ok well I guess this is getting a little long...Hope if anyone reads this they don't mind reading every thought that has gone through my head the last 15 minutes! :) Just getting it all out!
OH and one final vent! ANDY DOESN'T LIKE OUR NAMES WE HAVE PICKED OUT. ??? He is such a pain! He likes them and then all of a sudden "they just don't feel right". But yet if I throw out a hundred other names they don't feel right either. He can't figure out any names and hasn't exactly thrown out any himself. Hopefully we get this figured out before Friday. I would really really love to have a name for our baby when it comes out!
Ok that's all. ...for now! I'm a bundle of nerves so maybe I'll post a million more times before we go in Friday at 10:00!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Helpers?

I think it was about 6 months or more ago that we discovered Eric could change Alex's diapers. It got to the point of Alex wanting only Eric to change her diapers and would cry if we did it. Now he only did it maybe 5 times so it's not like we got lazy and just had him start doing it! It was like most things with a 4 year got old fast and he stopped doing it. But it was really interesting to see how well he could do it.
The Barbies are now put away with the intent of someday soon throwing them away. (Out of sight, out of mind??) I gotta say its been nice not hearing my kids say "boobies" a million times a day or hearing them fight over Ken and clothes and shoes and brushes. HONESTLY, what is with Barbie actually having boobs?? What kid needs to see that?? And I gotta say being 9 months prego...I got a little jealous seeing her perfect body! Who really looks like that?? :) Anyway..enough rant about Barbie... This is what the kids thought was really fun to do with the Barbies and it made me a little excited that they are going to be such good helpers when this baby arrives. No, they won't actually be changing diapers but its nice to know that they are big enough to help me out! Hopefully they never try to hold the baby by the head though!! ;)
(Sorry the pictures are out of order.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgive me...

...I think any blogging I do this week is all going to be about the baby. I have been seriously so freaked out about the surgery and everything that goes with it but now I just can't wait. Don't get me wrong...I'm out of my mind scared about the c-section...its not like I just get to go in, get cut open, and bam there's a baby. Ok, well yes that's the way it goes but there is so much to it!! I cannot wait to see this baby and hold it and cuddle it!! This is going to be the longest week ever! So today I've been going through all the baby clothes my sister sent up and all the clothes and blankets we've had in storage. Our living room is a disaster...full of all this laundry I have to do today. It's been so fun though to see the blankets Eric and Alex had as babies and some of their little outfits! It would be so much easier to do this if I knew the sex but I'm just going to wash it all and separate it into tubs so when we get home we can either put the boy stuff or the girl stuff back into storage. OHH so much to do today! It would be nice if I didn't have kids this week but since I do have them all week I have to get it all done today. So back to work I guess...just needed a break so I thought I'd blog my excitement!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our baby will be born NEXT FRIDAY!! Surgery time is set for Friday, September 19th at 12:00 PM. WE WILL HAVE A BABY NEXT FRIDAY!! Holy crud!! I cannot believe this pregnancy is almost over already. I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family!! The doctor that will do the surgery measured me yesterday and said this will definitely not be an 8 lb baby. Guess we will see!!
Our doctor (doing the surgery) told me every little detail of what is going to take place. I'm the kind of person who would rather be brought in and just have it done...Please do not tell me everything you are going to do to me. It really has me freaked out now. But she also said that after they get the baby out she'll hold the baby up over the sheet so I can see him/her. My old doctor never did that so I am excited for that! I'd love to see my baby before its all cleaned up! I've never seen one that has just come out. Is that dumb that I feel that way??

Friday, September 5, 2008

Need opinions...

We have an issue in our house. Although it may seem dumb to everyone else it has been a pretty serious issue here in the Klous house. It's caused some minor arguments...nothing too serious but definitely disagreements. My mom sent up a bag of Barbies and accessories for Alex to have. Well someone else likes playing with them too...ERIC. Andy has had a fit that he is wanting to play with Barbies. He even took him outside the first day Eric attempted to play with them and played catch with him! I thought it was cute! My opinion has been that he is 4 years old and is only playing with his sister just as she plays catch, cars and every other "boy" activity with him. Although I think Barbies are dumb I do think its good Alex has something girly to play with because she is a very tough girl and is definitely already a tomboy. I don't think playing with Barbies is going to make Eric grow up to be a sissy. HOWEVER, I don't know if I am just so frazzled because I've had kids all week and I'm so pregnant and tired and GRUMPY but I am getting REALLY IRRITATED hearing Eric fight with his sister over Barbies and accessories. And whining that he can't find an outfit to match the shoes the Barbie is wearing. He is also making my skin crawl when he makes a high pitched voice to sound like a girl as he's playing with them. He really and truly is starting to act and sound like the boy from "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" or whatever that movie is called. I kinda feel like he's going to start prancing around the living room pretty soon. As I am writing this he is making Ken and Barbie kiss. Ok, I've answered this myself...or rather he has just answered it for me...the Barbies are going to disappear. We'll have to find something else for Alex to play with that is girly. Andy was right, I was wrong. I just really thought it was something he wanted to do so bad because Andy was making such a big deal out of it. Still please give me your opinion. I was going to ask if you guys thought Andy was being silly about it but now I'm asking if you think WE are being silly about it. Are we wrong to make the Barbies disappear?? I WANT TO TAKE HIM OUTSIDE AND PLAY CATCH WITH HIM!! Why does he love them so much??

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So Special...

Our children are so so "special". They were playing the other day while I was in the kitchen when they yelled for me to come take their picture. This is what I found. I don't know who had the idea to hike up their shorts so far and take their shirts off but if I had to guess my guess would be it was Eric! Goofy kids! I love 'em!

I had a doctors appointment wasn't the icky kind i was dreading all day. The nurse had one of those little sheets to cover up with waiting for me on the bed/table thing but then said she would have to ask the doctor if it was needed. Turns out the "swab" they would have done yesterday was to check for some virus thing you can pass onto your baby when it comes out and since I'm having a c-section it wasn't necessary!! YAHOO!! I'm on my third kid so you'd think I'm past being shy about that'd think. Another plus...I only gained 3 lbs and that was even after being on vacation!! I was pretty happy about that!! :)
I go back next Tuesday and talk with the doctor that will do the c-section and we'll set a date for the surgery. YIKES...I really have to push the thoughts and fears of c-section to the very back of my mind or else I really freak out. I'm so excited for this baby to come but am so scared of the process.
BOY? GIRL? BOY? GIRL? We'll SOON find out!! A little over 2 weeks!!