Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Helpers?

I think it was about 6 months or more ago that we discovered Eric could change Alex's diapers. It got to the point of Alex wanting only Eric to change her diapers and would cry if we did it. Now he only did it maybe 5 times so it's not like we got lazy and just had him start doing it! It was like most things with a 4 year got old fast and he stopped doing it. But it was really interesting to see how well he could do it.
The Barbies are now put away with the intent of someday soon throwing them away. (Out of sight, out of mind??) I gotta say its been nice not hearing my kids say "boobies" a million times a day or hearing them fight over Ken and clothes and shoes and brushes. HONESTLY, what is with Barbie actually having boobs?? What kid needs to see that?? And I gotta say being 9 months prego...I got a little jealous seeing her perfect body! Who really looks like that?? :) Anyway..enough rant about Barbie... This is what the kids thought was really fun to do with the Barbies and it made me a little excited that they are going to be such good helpers when this baby arrives. No, they won't actually be changing diapers but its nice to know that they are big enough to help me out! Hopefully they never try to hold the baby by the head though!! ;)
(Sorry the pictures are out of order.)


The Jones :) said...

That is adorable!! I didn't know Eric liked to change diapers...that's funny!! They'll both be big helpers for you...lucky!!! Things are getting better...not all the way yet...well see after I go to yet another doctor this week :( We did get rid of lots at the yard sale too...made $144 so that was exciting!!! Good luck again this week and I'll be thinking about you lots!! Love you and miss you!!

Andrea and Danny said...

awe! what little sweethearts!!! Anna! I can't believe you're going to have your precious baby in 3 days!!! Love you and everything will go great! Cant wait to see you in like a week!!!

JJ said...

Oh my gosh....that is so funny! The diaper on a barbie...i can't believe it even fit between the legs. Your kids are adorable!
We are excited to hear when the baby comes....good luck with all of that! We love you!