Friday, September 5, 2008

Need opinions...

We have an issue in our house. Although it may seem dumb to everyone else it has been a pretty serious issue here in the Klous house. It's caused some minor arguments...nothing too serious but definitely disagreements. My mom sent up a bag of Barbies and accessories for Alex to have. Well someone else likes playing with them too...ERIC. Andy has had a fit that he is wanting to play with Barbies. He even took him outside the first day Eric attempted to play with them and played catch with him! I thought it was cute! My opinion has been that he is 4 years old and is only playing with his sister just as she plays catch, cars and every other "boy" activity with him. Although I think Barbies are dumb I do think its good Alex has something girly to play with because she is a very tough girl and is definitely already a tomboy. I don't think playing with Barbies is going to make Eric grow up to be a sissy. HOWEVER, I don't know if I am just so frazzled because I've had kids all week and I'm so pregnant and tired and GRUMPY but I am getting REALLY IRRITATED hearing Eric fight with his sister over Barbies and accessories. And whining that he can't find an outfit to match the shoes the Barbie is wearing. He is also making my skin crawl when he makes a high pitched voice to sound like a girl as he's playing with them. He really and truly is starting to act and sound like the boy from "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" or whatever that movie is called. I kinda feel like he's going to start prancing around the living room pretty soon. As I am writing this he is making Ken and Barbie kiss. Ok, I've answered this myself...or rather he has just answered it for me...the Barbies are going to disappear. We'll have to find something else for Alex to play with that is girly. Andy was right, I was wrong. I just really thought it was something he wanted to do so bad because Andy was making such a big deal out of it. Still please give me your opinion. I was going to ask if you guys thought Andy was being silly about it but now I'm asking if you think WE are being silly about it. Are we wrong to make the Barbies disappear?? I WANT TO TAKE HIM OUTSIDE AND PLAY CATCH WITH HIM!! Why does he love them so much??


breckster said...


I am anti-barbie for ALL children. There are just too many social, and sexuality issues with them. I don't want my girls wishing they could look like Barbie, and I don't want my boys hoping to find someone that looks like barbie. The only real fights my sisters and I ever got in were over barbies, and the only playing we did was materialistic and sexual and, frankly, kids should be encouraged to play with toys that promote much more than that.

I think pretending, and play acting is important to all children. It helps them develop "inner speech." That part of our brain that tells us what we should and shouldn't do (lots of us call that the spirit, but there is actually a part of the brain where that happens, and if we don't develop it there is no amount of praying that will help, because the spirit won't have a place to talk to us.)

I do strongly support the theory that playing with baby dolls develops compassion. Nothing makes me happier than to hear Reuben talk to and rock his bear. He cuddles him, he tucks him in at night, he asks him questions, he makes sure he is not hurt and kisses him better when he is. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part to bring more peace to the world because my son will be caring and aware of real people if he continues to care for his dolls.

But I still go outside and play catch with him, and carry his sticks and rocks, and let him play in the mud. :)

Andrea and Danny said...

wow! i dont even know what to say!! i never wished i looked like barbies, and i played with them all the time! Anyways, I can understand what you're saying! I can't believe this is Eric you're talking about!! The "BOYS STICK TOGETHER", "GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL", and "I don't hug or kiss girls" boy is playing with barbies!?! Maybe thats how you can get him to stop playing with them, without taking them away from Alex - just tell Eric it makes him girly if he plays with them or something!

Love you!

JJ said...

Well, I think that is funny...but, not that uncommon. Gabe played dressup with Hailey all the time...just so he could play with her. And yes, he put on the girly clothes too...but he is in no way girly. I promised never to buy a Barbie for Hailey, she was given some, but never really showed interest in them. So, I guess we got lucky. I think our toy boxes are better off without them...but, there are other dolls out there that are better for the girls.
Hailey has always been more interested in the animal toys(My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop etc)...she is definitley my kid in that way, and for that i am grateful. Gabe has definitley looked more toward the building toys. So, don't worry about Eric...and I agree with you and Andy on this one...put away the Barbies.

The Jones :) said...

I read this over the weekend, but never sat down to comment. I just had to laugh though when I read it...I think it's hilarious that Andy brought him outside right away to play catch...LOL...that made me laugh!!
I'd have to agree with your decision...Barbies need to go...there are enough other girl toys that Alex could play with...and Barbies are just dumb!! Wouldn't be so bad if Eric played "house or babies" with her...but Barbies...YIKES!!! Good luck with that...and hope he didn't take it too hard when/if you do get rid of them!!!
It was worth a laugh though right!?!?! Hope you're doing well and getting excited for this baby...I can't wait to find out what it is!!
Love you guys!!