Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgive me...

...I think any blogging I do this week is all going to be about the baby. I have been seriously so freaked out about the surgery and everything that goes with it but now I just can't wait. Don't get me wrong...I'm out of my mind scared about the c-section...its not like I just get to go in, get cut open, and bam there's a baby. Ok, well yes that's the way it goes but there is so much to it!! I cannot wait to see this baby and hold it and cuddle it!! This is going to be the longest week ever! So today I've been going through all the baby clothes my sister sent up and all the clothes and blankets we've had in storage. Our living room is a disaster...full of all this laundry I have to do today. It's been so fun though to see the blankets Eric and Alex had as babies and some of their little outfits! It would be so much easier to do this if I knew the sex but I'm just going to wash it all and separate it into tubs so when we get home we can either put the boy stuff or the girl stuff back into storage. OHH so much to do today! It would be nice if I didn't have kids this week but since I do have them all week I have to get it all done today. So back to work I guess...just needed a break so I thought I'd blog my excitement!!

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Andrea and Danny said...

Your having a baby in 4 days!!! We'll come up whenever you want us to! We just don't want to be in the way! Love you and hope you have a great week!!