Friday, June 27, 2008

Now we know...

This is my 3rd and final post for today! I can go forever without posting anything and then all of a sudden have lots to share! This made me giggle so I had to share it!
When I was a kid if my mom made something we ate it or we found our own food or went without. I agree that my kitchen is not a restaurant! However, today for the first time we had tuna fish sandwiches! I'll let the pictures tell you whether or not we'll ever have tuna again!!

Pretty sure I was making the exact same face as the kids! YUCK!! This is one thing my kids will NEVER be forced to eat in my house...EVER!! Tuna serves NO purpose!! Today Eric was not yelling "Mom made the BEST lunch EVER!" like he normally does if he really likes something I made!! :)

27 Weeks

This was me last september...ignore the stretch marks.... Here i am now and will be even bigger in September when the baby comes!!

Check out that monster butt and love handles! Thought we carried babies in our bellies
not our butts!

Yesterday was the start of week 27 in this pregnancy! I can't believe how fast it is going...and even more how fast these last months are going to go. We'll have a baby before long!! YIKES! It's been a good pregnancy...your typical sickness in the first couple of months but the heartburn hasn't been nearly as bad as the other two pregnancies. (Knock on wood). I've felt really good. Things are starting to get harder now. I'm really exhausted all the time and have random pains. I've been told the pains are probably old scar tissue and re-stretching and whatnot. The last 2 weeks there has been a really bad pressure feeling and feeling really heavy. I feel like this baby is really low but obviously its not! Other than those few things I really do feel good! I just wish i could take a nap during the day! Maybe that would cure everything! ;)

I weighed in yesterday at a whopping 150 POUNDS!! So now that I've put my 20 lbs on what am i supposed to do for the next months until i have this baby?!?! Eric asked me the other day if I have TWO babies in my belly! Guess its getting pretty big! I am already looking forward to getting this weight off and not being hungry ALL THE TIME. I'm going to TRY to eat a little better so i don't gain 20 more pounds before all is said and done. As we all remember i am quite capable of gaining a lot of weight during pregnancies!! It's summer so i have all the fruits and vegetables available and nice walking weather. I just have to do it!! I still have 2 pairs of pants that fit from before pregnancy...lets be honest...they are my after pregnancy (before i lose all the weight) pants but hey, they still fit!!

I love feeling this baby kick! He/she kicks ALL THE TIME! It's to the point where i can be sitting on the couch and it'll kick and Andy will SEE it! It looks like a chick trying to hatch from an egg!! :) here are the pictures Becki and Andrea have been requesting!! Not cute but now you see I'm DEFINITELY pregnant and LOOK pregnant!!

Can't wait for us girls to get together and get some pictures of our bellies taken!! What are the chances we'll all be pregnant together again??!?!?!?


Why on earth...

Wed. night there were three baptisms at the church. After the baptisms there were your typical refreshments...I think there were two relief society sisters in the kitchen getting things all set up. In our building there are big heavy curtain things that open up from the Relief Society room into the kitchen so you can be standing in the RS room and get refreshments from the kitchen counter. (Does that make sense?) Anyway...the curtains were open so we could see into the kitchen but neither me or Andy were paying any attention to the kitchen as we were visiting with the family that had the baptisms. Alex was in sight but Eric was not...he isn't the kind of kid you really need to worry about if he isn't right under your nose. All of a sudden there was a ruckus coming from the kitchen. In an exaggerated way imagine if a fox got into a hen house! Apparently as these ladies in the kitchen were getting things set up Eric went in and spanked each one of them on their BUTTS. What is a mother supposed to do?? How do you even react to that?? Why on earth would he spank these women's butts?!? They are both definitely over 50 and are Grandma's...not old old but old enough to definitely fear them. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?? One of the ladies laughed and said he's been spending too much time with his papa but the other lady (so I've heard) was NOT HAPPY about it.

I think I'd rather the ruckus coming from the kitchen be that my child got into the brownies than have him spanking peoples butts.

When I asked him why he did that he said "Well Mommy, YOU spank MY butt."

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How do I even respond to that?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Fun!

I'm too busy to write a big post so i'm just posting pictures so you can see what we've been up to! Today was a really fun day playing outside! We are really enjoying summer and love being outside all day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I thought I would be better at this blog stuff but have been too busy lately. Just thought I'd update whats been going on in our lives.
We had our first ultrasound last was so amazing! We didnt really get any good pics but i'll try to get them on here so you can see him or her!! We didn't want to find out what the sex is and ends up we probably wouldnt have been able to anyway because he/she was so curled up. The lady could hardly get the measurements she needed!! I still do not understand why my bladder has to be so full for ultrasounds...she pushed down so hard the whole time...i'm lucky i didnt pee my pants! It was amazing to see him/her moving the arms and legs around so much! I definately feel it all now! Andy gets so excited when he feels it which is happening more and more!!
On Monday I started watching a little boy, Noah. He will be two in August. He is SO good and lots of fun so its really working out and giving us a little more income! That can never be a bad thing! Alex is a little frustrated with him and wants to be the boss. Today she does what i do and got down (which isnt very far!) to his level and pointed to her nose (to have him look at her face) and said "nose, nose...Purse"and held up her purse. She wanted him to understand that that was HER purse and not to be played with by HIM. It was cute but at the same time it gets a little overwhelming having her being so bossy and telling on him all the time! I'm sure next week will be better! But i will say Thank Goodness for parents who actually love their kid and show up on time everyday to pick him up! No repeats of the last kids i watched!!
Speaking of extra income...ANDY GOT A RAISE!! He went in this morning and lets just say they told him THEY wanted to show him their dedication and commitment to HIM!! And they did that!! So we get to stick around Rapids for a while longer which is nice because its a nice town and we're happy here. We are very pleased and extremely grateful! Finally they are seeing how amazing he is!! I'm so proud of him!! He deserves this SO much!!
I have pictures i will post of the kids later and update on them! They are doing so well and are healthy and really loving warmer weather!!