Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Fun!

I'm too busy to write a big post so i'm just posting pictures so you can see what we've been up to! Today was a really fun day playing outside! We are really enjoying summer and love being outside all day!


The Jones :) said...

Very cute Anna...looks like you guys have been having fun...well the kids at least!! I don't see you or Andy in the pictures ;) Wish we were there to play in the water too!!
Love you :)

JJ said...

How fun!!! I love little blue plastic pools....they bring back great memories. You're kids are so cute playing in the water, I love their beach towels on the grass.

The Jones :) said...

Can I just also say...I LOVE how both Eric & Alex have the "KLOUS" squinty eyes when they smile...ADORABLE!!! I love it!!
Love you guys!!

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

FUN!!! That is so cute Anna! I like Becki's comment about the squinty Klous eye smile! I can't wait for my 'someday' kids to have that smile and such happy eyes!! It's the cutest thing!
Talk soon!