Friday, June 27, 2008

27 Weeks

This was me last september...ignore the stretch marks.... Here i am now and will be even bigger in September when the baby comes!!

Check out that monster butt and love handles! Thought we carried babies in our bellies
not our butts!

Yesterday was the start of week 27 in this pregnancy! I can't believe how fast it is going...and even more how fast these last months are going to go. We'll have a baby before long!! YIKES! It's been a good pregnancy...your typical sickness in the first couple of months but the heartburn hasn't been nearly as bad as the other two pregnancies. (Knock on wood). I've felt really good. Things are starting to get harder now. I'm really exhausted all the time and have random pains. I've been told the pains are probably old scar tissue and re-stretching and whatnot. The last 2 weeks there has been a really bad pressure feeling and feeling really heavy. I feel like this baby is really low but obviously its not! Other than those few things I really do feel good! I just wish i could take a nap during the day! Maybe that would cure everything! ;)

I weighed in yesterday at a whopping 150 POUNDS!! So now that I've put my 20 lbs on what am i supposed to do for the next months until i have this baby?!?! Eric asked me the other day if I have TWO babies in my belly! Guess its getting pretty big! I am already looking forward to getting this weight off and not being hungry ALL THE TIME. I'm going to TRY to eat a little better so i don't gain 20 more pounds before all is said and done. As we all remember i am quite capable of gaining a lot of weight during pregnancies!! It's summer so i have all the fruits and vegetables available and nice walking weather. I just have to do it!! I still have 2 pairs of pants that fit from before pregnancy...lets be honest...they are my after pregnancy (before i lose all the weight) pants but hey, they still fit!!

I love feeling this baby kick! He/she kicks ALL THE TIME! It's to the point where i can be sitting on the couch and it'll kick and Andy will SEE it! It looks like a chick trying to hatch from an egg!! :) here are the pictures Becki and Andrea have been requesting!! Not cute but now you see I'm DEFINITELY pregnant and LOOK pregnant!!

Can't wait for us girls to get together and get some pictures of our bellies taken!! What are the chances we'll all be pregnant together again??!?!?!?



The Jones :) said...

OH MY're adorable!! Seriously my belly isn't that much smaller then your's :( and I'm only 17 weeks...not to mention I would LOVE to be 150 lbs. Haven't seen that number since high school :(...YUCK!! Anyways...I'll have Ryan take pictures this weekend...and get them posted!! Thanks for're cute...and it's nice to see you have a belly!! :) And I don't know what you're talking about with love handles and butt?? You're TOO HARD on yourself!!!
Hey...have you convinced Andy about August?? I sure hope so!!
Love you :)

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

seriously i agree with with becki... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT LOVE HANDLES AND BUTT?!?!? I dont see either! MY goodness! First of all, even before you got pregnant you were talkin about how bad you look but you practically have ABS!!!!! oh my! I agree also with 150lbs... I'm almost there and only 7 weeks prego!

Love you love you! Now stop being hard on yourself, you look WONDERFUL!

Mindy said...

Missed seeing you in church the other day. Then "Poppa Bob" says that you're pregnant. I had no idea! So congrats. Found your link through Becki's hope that's OK.
PS. I'm about 150 pounds AND not good job on that!