Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So Special...

Our children are so so "special". They were playing the other day while I was in the kitchen when they yelled for me to come take their picture. This is what I found. I don't know who had the idea to hike up their shorts so far and take their shirts off but if I had to guess my guess would be it was Eric! Goofy kids! I love 'em!

I had a doctors appointment wasn't the icky kind i was dreading all day. The nurse had one of those little sheets to cover up with waiting for me on the bed/table thing but then said she would have to ask the doctor if it was needed. Turns out the "swab" they would have done yesterday was to check for some virus thing you can pass onto your baby when it comes out and since I'm having a c-section it wasn't necessary!! YAHOO!! I'm on my third kid so you'd think I'm past being shy about that'd think. Another plus...I only gained 3 lbs and that was even after being on vacation!! I was pretty happy about that!! :)
I go back next Tuesday and talk with the doctor that will do the c-section and we'll set a date for the surgery. YIKES...I really have to push the thoughts and fears of c-section to the very back of my mind or else I really freak out. I'm so excited for this baby to come but am so scared of the process.
BOY? GIRL? BOY? GIRL? We'll SOON find out!! A little over 2 weeks!!


JJ said...

You are really getting the hang of this blogging thing! Way to go! I am very excited for you and your family, with the new baby and all! Eric and Alex are adorable...look just like Andy and Danny in pictures from years funny!! Love you, and let us know when the baby comes!

Andrea and Danny said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday but it didnt work. Anyways.... your kids are hilarious!! Its so funny what they do when your not looking! Only 2 more weeks!!!! Everything will go great!! And we'll see you shortly after!!