Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been DREADING this day for the last 5 years...

Eric has officially started Kindergarten. He had his "first" day yesterday. He only had to go for an hour and we got to go with him. It was 30 minutes with his teacher in their classroom and then 30 minutes for bus safety. Yep, I'm one of those moms that would LOVE to go to school everyday with their child! OK...not really. I just worry about how he is doing. I'm sure it's going to get easier and I'm sure he is having a blast! I can't be there every minute of his life to hold his hand... :( I just wish Kindergarten wasn't ALL day EVERY day.

I took him in to the school and pretty much just handed him over. I think he was scared but I had to let him go so... I can't wait to hear about all the fun things he did today! Do you think he looks scared in the picture below??

Getting ready to walk the block and a 1/2 to school! I must admit living so close to the school has its benefits! :) Such a handsome boy!! :)


Mindy said...

You live so close and that's really nice. I bet you were way more scared than he was. Before you know it, he will be telling you how much he is learning and how he misses his teacher when he's not there.

JJ said...

He looked soo handsome for his first day of school. How did it go? Kindergarten is such an adventure. Have fun with it!!!!! Love you lots!