Saturday, October 10, 2009

Funny Girl

Out of the blue Alex pulls her t-shirt sleeve up around her shoulder and we have the following conversation:

Alex: Mommy, do you wanna smell my armpit?
Me: NO! Why would I want to smell your armpit?
Alex: Because, girls armpits smell like flowers. Like roses! See? Smell!
So...I smell.
Alex then smells her own pit.
Alex: MMM! Roses!!

What a silly girl! :)


Mindy said...

haha! As long as she doesn't do that in public, you'll be fine. :)

The Jones :) said...

That's too funny...wonder where she gets that from!?!?! Must be a Crowther thing?? To smell each other's armpits??? Just kidding!!
Love you

Andrea and Danny said...


Andrea and Danny said...

I love her so much! Cannot wait to see you guys!

Andrea and Danny said...

anna you are beautiful! cant wait to see you guys. i think we will just leave mya with bob and judy.. i just hope it doesnt scar her for life, and make her hate us!

Mandi said...

Love that age. What a doll.