Saturday, October 10, 2009


I don't have time to blog very is another update with a ton of pictures!
This is a picture from this morning. It snowed last night for the first time this year so of course we had to get out in it right away this morning. It was still dark out but we were all so excited about the first snow and wanted to play in it before the sun melted it. Brrr!! We were out for less than 5 minutes and came in to have hot chocolate!! :)
We celebrated Ryleighs first Birthday Sept. 19th! I can't believe how fast her first year has gone!


We've had some owies lately...This first picture is of Alex. Last weekend she was upstairs playing when she all of a sudden started screaming. I ran up to find out she had hit her mouth on the futon. There wasn't any blood but she was crying so hard. I eventually gave her Tylenol because her teeth hurt. Her lip puffed up a tiny bit but then when we woke up the next morning this is what she looked like...

I ended up taking her to the dentist because her front teeth were loose and one tooth was pushed back while the other was pushed up. Luckily they'll move back and firm up on their own. It was all black under her top lip...all bruised up and really ugly looking. Poor girl!

Eric got a black eye the first week of school. He got kicked in the eye and ended up with a pretty nasty shiner!

And poor Ryleigh is learning to walk and so she face plants A LOT! This owie is old and doesn't look so bad but it was ugly for a while. She face planted over and over to get this one and part of the problem was crawling faster than her hands could go!

Silly kids!

Alex really is a monkey!

Pictures in the leaves...

Sorry for all the pictures and little update. We just go, go, go....and go some more!! Life is good and we are still having fun! :)


The Jones :) said...

I love all the pictures!! You guys have been busy and doing lots!! The kids are getting so big and Alex's lip looks like it hurts so bad :( Poor girl...good thing she's tough huh!!! Thanks for the way...I think it's funny Ryleigh is still in the carrier carseat...she was long in it when we were there in May...I can't believe how tall she is!! Cute girl :)
Love you

JJ said...

There are definitley some pictures to frame and hang on the wall in that post. Cute stuff. I love the monkey in the tree. Love you all!!!