Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Go Go...

I don't know how long its been since I last posted but it feels like its been forever. We've been going nonstop lately. This last Saturday was our first Saturday that we've been home it a long time...and that doesn't really even count because Andy had to work half a day. Our weekdays are so full too...maybe its the warm weather?? I know I've thought of things I wanted to post as we did them but it's been so crazy I didn't get a chance and now I don't remember them! Oh-well I guess! The pictures I'm posting are a bit out of order but I was too impatient to get it them all straightened out!
A couple of Saturdays ago I went to Aitkin for my soon to be sister in laws bridal shower. My sister put it on for her and did a fantastic job! Lots of work went into it and it turned out to be loads of fun!! After the shower my brother, Russ, and his wife had the missionaries over for dinner and decided to have a bonfire at my grandparents house. My brother Bryan (the one getting married) and his family came over too. I love bonfires!!

Me and my niece Natalie (she's so cute!!) Russ and Kara's girl
Kara and Russ, Bryan and Kelli, and my Grandpa

Bryan and Kelli and their boy Wyatt and my grandpa

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs Crowther!!

Kelli and Wyatt

The winning veil at the shower! (made of toilet paper)

Beautiful Bride-to-be!!

I found this adorable fruit bouquet easy to make!!

A family friend, Abbie, decorated the cake. She used the picture from the bridal shower invites and just went to work. It only took her a couple of hours. AMAZING!! Very artistic girl! No one wanted to carry the cake in (in case of tripping and ruining it) or cut it!!

You can see the card she copied in the upper left hand corner. She did so fantastic!!

We've been spending a lot of time at playgrounds lately. The kids play so hard and sleep even harder! Gotta LOVE fresh air!!

Alex has been doing so awesome with potty training. She has a chart she puts stickers on whenever she goes potty in the toilet and about every third square there is a reward listed. Today she landed on picnic so here she is enjoying it!!

Saturday after Andy got off work he decided to climb the tree in the back yard to trim it. It was so funny watching him try to climb it!! Then even funnier watching him try to get out of it. He broke one of the branches (a nub) he used to get up so it wasn't there to help him get down.

Of course Eric had to get up in the tree! He didn't want to get down. I wish we had trees he could climb but this is the only one we have. Alex was having fits watching her daddy up in the tree. She was scared he was going to fall. I gotta say I was pretty scared watching Eric up there too. He kept wanting to climb higher and higher.

Ryleigh got a pretty bad sunburn...on half of her face...

Yep, that's our girl! A bottle in each hand! Someday it will be a cookie in each hand!! One had milk and the other had water...gotta have options!!

She loves her sweet potato puffs!!


The Jones :) said...

So cute!! I love that Alex was so worried about Daddy...but you were just worried about Eric!! I laughed when I read that!! Ryleigh looks so big...can't wait to meet that little girl and see you guys!! 17 days til we leave!!
Love you

SarahLee said...

Great pictures, Anna!!! :) Such a cute little family blog! I love reading the updates!!

Mindy said...

That cake is amazing.
By the way, Riverplace Park is being threatened to be torn down...I guess Riverview Elementary closed in 2005 and the park has been vandalized and stuff--we still enjoy it when we're in town (there's an article in the Herald Review about it and a friend of mine is trying to save the park, hope she succeeds).
You guys would love living in the country with day right?!