Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our FUN Weekend!!

This last weekend we went to Crosby to Andy's sisters house. Her husband is working in Iraq and won't be home until July(ish) so we went to hang out with them and help with yard work. Danny, Andrea and Mya came too and so we all just had a blast!! Here are a ton of pictures of our fun weekend!
We all got there Friday night and brought pizza's. It was a fun night of American Idol Wii and hanging out. Danny and Andy singing and dancing is a sight to see!! So funny!

Saturday morning Andy and Danny woke up early and went to St. Cloud to look at a car for Andy. I didn't really think they'd get it (Andy had been so back and forth on cars) but they traded his car in and came home with this.
2007 Mitsubishi Galant. VERY nice car! We really like it!!

Then we all got busy and started doing wood. Andy and Danny chopped it and us girls loaded, unloaded and stacked it. Then we built a brush pile to be burned but it was too dry to start fires. The following pictures are from Sunday. We got up and started the yard work again. More chopping and stacking wood. Then we built another brush pile. This one was more out in the open and it had drizzled a bit that morning so it was kinda wet. So Danny and Kim got the brush pile roaring (took a bit and Danny almost started on fire ;) but it got going!!).

One really strong, brave, amazing woman!

Jared is seriously the nicest kid! Worked hard with us!

We had such a good time together. The kids all played so nicely together and had so much fun. Eric and Alex didn't want to leave and talk about going to Kim's everyday! They play so hard and just have so much fun there.

Look at those two! So beautiful!

Katelynn! She is so beautiful!!

Saturday night we got all cleaned up and had a girls night. Andy and Danny were kind enough to watch all the kids so the girls (big girls) could go to a movie. We went to Brainerd and saw 17 Again. We all now have crushes on Zac Efron. So cute! It was a really good movie!! Then we went shopping for Sunday dinner stuff. It was just a really fun night giggling with the girls! Thanks Andy and Danny!! :)

Sorry Katelynn and Kim!! I'm not good at taking pics. in the car!
Sunday after we finished outside we had a so so yummy ham dinner. Ham, funeral potatoes, pink salad, green bean casserole, watermelon, and rolls. YUM!!
I cannot wait for Becki, Ryan, Klous and Aysha to come!! We are all going to have SO much fun! Can you imagine Becki, Andy and Danny all together?!?!? Always so much fun and lots of giggles! Wish we could ALL be together. Maybe at Christmas?!?!?

Just a couple pictures of Ryleigh. She has a new interest...getting into everything on the bottom of the bookshelf! She entertains herself for long periods of time and thinks she is so big!! She isn't happy until she pulls the diapers off. So cute!


Andrea and Danny said...

6:43am you posted this!? Holy cow woman!! Mya slept last night from like 11-7:15! I was SOO amazed when it was the first time I woke up and it was 7:15! We did have a great weekend! I want American Idol for the Wii now so bad! My birthdays coming up, so maybe Danny will get it for me! :D Wow, can you believe its April 22!? We'll see everyone again in just one month!!
Woohoo! Can't wait!


The Jones :) said...

UGH :( :( :( :( That makes me so sad and jealous that you get to get together and I don't :( Thanks for the pics and update though...looks like a GREAT weekend, and I'd much rather be dealing with that kind of stuff then the crap out here!! Can't WAIT to come home...29 days...not that I'm counting...but thanks for putting that little tid-bit in there about us coming...made me feel a little thought about and loved!!! Miss you guys more then you know...that car looks very nice...wish I could've been there for the girls night...and Ryleigh is getting SO big!! 29'll be great!!
Love you guys!!!

Klous Family said...

BECKI! Don't be sad or jealous. You'll be here SO soon!! We can have another girls night. It makes me sad that we are so close and we dont do it very often. Life is busy though. And its gonna be a blast watching you outsing your brother with the wii game!! We're gonna have loads of fun! What crap out there??? What does that even mean?
See you SOOOOON!!!!

Klous Family said...

P.S. I meant outsing your brotherS. And you are always thought about. "The crap out here" did you mean snow?? you don't still have any do you??
Love you!

The Jones :) said... was melted COMPLETELY 2 days later...the joys of Utah!! 30 degrees and snowing one day...70-80 degrees two days later and all the next week. Nice huh!! the crap is with in-laws ;) I'm just ready to see my family!! Hopefully it'll get better soon, but don't see that happening..UGH...whatever :) Love you and thanks for the comments!! Singing on the WII will be interesting!!! :) :) :)