Thursday, April 9, 2009

One CLASSY Family!!

I'm sure our neighbors think we are rednecks as my children feel the need to escape outside without my knowledge every once in a while now that its getting nicer outside. Nicer, not WARM...just a bit nicer than it has been. Alex can be found outside coatless, pantless and shoeless all at the same time and I just caught Eric yesterday taking his shirt off as if it were 90 degrees outside! We still have snow on the ground!!
So here are some pictures to show how truly classy we are!!

What on earth happened?? Was he burping Ryleigh and she got him good??
Haha no, that's not what happened at all! I was being very immature...getting lots of laughs from the kids... copying everything he said one night while I was feeding Ryleigh her cereal. I was sitting on our exercise ball (the only action that thing sees!!) feeding her and Andy was sitting on the floor. He thought a good retaliation would be to kick the ball out from under me. I went flying to the floor, landed on my butt and HE ENDED UP WEARING THE CEREAL!! haha Joke is on HIM!! I got a tiny little bit on me but as you can see it mostly landed on him! Funniest thing ever!!
Poor ball! That's about how much landed on me too!!

Maybe it's time to take 'em to dat der dentist??
THIS NEXT ONE IS FOR MY SISTER LISA!! She knows Alex so well and will appreciate this and love Alex even more!!

We were coloring Easter eggs...what on earth is on her chin??? Is that a...piece of a... shell??

That's right! NOTHING can stop her!!

So gross! It was pretty nasty hearing her chomp that shell. I tried to get it all out of her mouth but I think there were MANY tiny little pieces!!

Ryleigh wanting in on the fun!

There would have been more but mammoth mommy enjoyed a couple of them!! See the scared look on the pink ones face? I was eyeing him next!! Eric even tried eating one!! He feels pretty left out that he never gets to eat eggs so I let him try some. His eyes didn't swell shut!! He didn't have a reaction at all!! (He didn't have the yolks though. So...hard to tell...maybe they were just cooked long enough??)
Watch out little pink one...breakfast is coming soon!

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Mindy said...

You are funny! I can't believe she ate through the egg shell...crazy.
Hahaha! Andy deserved what he got...I felt sorry for him thinking it was baby spit-up, but after your story, I'm glad he wore it and not you.