Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So I just turned off my workout video... AGAIN. I start it, get 2-3 minutes into it, and shut it off. I used to LOVE to workout...mostly I loved not being soft...but I loved the workout. I decided today is the day to get started on getting skinny! I started warming up but Andy was here and I cannot work out with him watching so I decided to wait until he left. He left and I started again. But then Ryleigh had to have a nap. So I put her down and started the video. Then I remembered I had to put a load of laundry in the dryer and start another one. I ran down and did that but then the load I pulled out of the dryer to put the other one in had to be folded. I HATE wrinkles so it couldn't wait. I folded them and started again with the video. But then I had ZERO desire to workout with Denise Austin. I can't breathe, it hurts, and I can hear the kids upstairs destroying their rooms. I cannot concentrate and therefore...the video has been shut off again. Maybe I'll try the treadmill...I wish I had a workout partner. Maybe that would make it easier?!?!? Or maybe I just need to get up really early before the kids are up and my mind can be only on working out. Why does losing weight have to be so hard?!?!??! Why did I even let myself get to this point?!?!?!?
SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mindy said...

I can't tell myself I'm working out...I'm just being healthier or I'm doing something good for my heart.
I tell myself I get to watch TV for working out...in other words, pretend the treadmill is powering the TV. Either you'll enjoy working out more because you get to watch the shows you want, or you'll stop watching TV! We watch ours online, so we pick the ones we want to watch more instead of whatever is on.
Hope that helps!

Andrea and Danny said...

Anna! Finally after all these years of us both struggling to work out and look the way we want to look - I've found the answer!!!


Andrea and Danny said...


Klous Family said...

hahaha Andrea! I'd move closer to you guys in a heartbeat! Working out with you would be so much fun and the time would go by so fast! It wouldn't even be working out!! :) P.S I really do love cabbage soup so i'd probably make you eat it too!!
Mindy, What a great idea! I do need to change my way of thinking. Rewards are an awesome idea!
Thanks girls for the advice!