Monday, April 6, 2009

I need a break from cleaning house. I've been working on this house ALL day and am exhausted. I'm just going to blog about nothing interesting to anyone reading this. This is just me wasting time!
With watching General Conference in the comfort of our home yesterday I didn't feel the need to get all prettied up...I didn't shower. And last week I tore the bedrooms apart switching them all around but never completely finished the project so that's what I've spent all day today doing. I didn't take the time to get all prettied up just to get all sweaty and gross...I didn't shower. Now I'm still going through puberty so if I don't shower EVERY day I look like I haven't showered in a month. LOVE PUBERTY!! So I'm lookin real HOT right now!! With my big project today of finishing the switching of 3 bedrooms (clothes, books, toys, beds etc...) and rearranging the living room our house looks like it got hit by a tornado. The first tornado (me) hit the house pretty hard doing lots of damage. But then 2 more little tornado's (Eric and Alex) followed behind the first one and hit over and over again the damage made by the first one. Seriously, it's like they've never seen their toys before! I'm so frustrated at making ZERO progress with these little angels following behind me making mess after mess. So I asked Andy to take them out. He's taking them shopping and out to eat. (I'm fine that they are being rewarded for being so long as they are out of my hair for a little bit!) And so here I sit on the computer while I could be using this time to finish up. I should shower...I feel so gross. But I have way too much left to do. Showering now would be pointless. I have a feeling this project might take all week. We'll just call it spring cleaning. I'll definitely have to shower before tomorrow... someone is bound to come knocking on my door and I wouldn't want to start rumors of me being on my death bed. (Yes, I look that awful!) And I'm sure I'll end up having to go out of this house at some point! Some days I just don't love being a girl... Guys can put on a hat and it's all good.
Eric said the funniest thing to me before they left. Maybe I just thought it was funny because I'm so tired??
He was getting ready to go and kept asking where they were going and Andy wouldn't tell him. He was guessing with me and I wouldn't tell him so then we were upstairs and I noticed he was wearing this ugly blue necklace he got at a parade last summer.

Me: Eric take that necklace off. You can't go out in public wearing that thing.

Eric: OH!! THAT'S where we're going! - IN PUBLIC!! DADDY! I KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING!!! -IN PUBLIC!!!!

Smart little guy! I wish I were 5 again! Life is so simple!

....BLAH....BACK TO WORK....


Mindy said...

Your conversation with Eric made me really laugh.
I feel like I've been cleaning and running errands all day too. It's nuts isn't it?! At least I showered though. Hope you get around to yours because I'll be by around 2 tomorrow, just kidding. :) Good luck with the toy situation. We seriously have a before bedtime routine that involves just getting laundry and books put away in the right places...and even that is a challenge.

Andrea and Danny said...

Ohhh fun! We get to do that too before you guys come! And other than bringing a bed home we haven't done any cleaning :S!!! So I was thinking we'll grill out Saturday night! Hows that sound!? Wanna grill steaks or hamburger or hot dogs??? Its supposed to be like 57 on Sunday! I'm SOOO ready for warm weather!!! I've been eating gluten lately... tisk tisk I know! Thanks for the recipe by the way, not sure if we're gunna make it now tho! Oh and about church... we're going, and your more than welcome to join us. You can bring church clothes or just wear normal clothes, our church is very casual but quite a few people dress up a lot too. Danny and I dressing up for church is like nice jeans and a decent shirt - its the one day I can get him out of his college baseball t shirts!! I remember the first time I went to your church I was so nervous if what I was wearing was dressy enough. What a dork!
I am SOO excited to see ALL of you!!! I cant wait to love on all your kids!! :D Talk and play with Ryleigh, see if Eric is in his 'Boys Stick Together' mode and hope that he'll play with me, and tickle and love on Alex!!!