Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Attack of Ryleigh Girl!!

I've always known Ryleigh is a long baby (maybe because they tell us at each of her checkups that she is off the charts) but I REALLY noticed it the other morning when the kids wanted to hold her. I'm kinda sad at how big she is already. She's moving all over the place, eating cereal and holding her own bottle. She just seems so much bigger than the other kids did at 6 months. Seeing how big she is while the kids were holding her made me want to compare them all. So they all got down next to each other on the floor and I measured them. Eric is 3 ft 8 inches (44 lbs), Alex is 3 ft 1 inch (30 lbs), and Ryleigh is 2 ft 4 inches (14 lbs 12 oz). Then I put their info into this chart on the computer to see where they are compared to other kids. Percentile- Eric is 72nd for weight and 71st for height. Alex is 49th in weight and 59th in height. And Ryleigh is 9th for weight and greater than 97th for height. HOLY CRUD! She IS long!

Ryleigh can't be next to the kids without attacking them! If they are on the floor she is doing everything in her power to get them. She especially loves picking on Eric...I think because he is so sweet and easy going with her. Alex tends to get mad. :) If he is sitting next us on the couch she reaches trying to get him...usually his ears or hair! We went to a movie last night and with the theatre being so dark I don't think she even knew he was there. But then Andy handed her to me and Eric was sitting next to me. Once she spotted him I knew she had! She got all excited kicking her legs and then practically lunges her body towards him reaching for his hair. It was so funny! She just adores him! I couldn't get her to leave Eric alone so I could measure him... I ended up measuring him standing up!

See how she uses her legs to attack him?!?!

"Lets see how Alex will react if I attack her!!!"


The Jones :) said...

She is really long when you look at her next to the other kids. WOW...gonna be a tall, skinny thing!! Cute though...and it's way cute she loves Eric so much...obviously he adores her too!! Maybe Alex doesn't like the competition!?!?! They're cute though!!
Love you

Mindy said...

So I had to look at my other friends' kids the same age to compare. Yeah, your kid is huge...I mean, TALL.