Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

The above pictures are from the other day. Yes, the "dress" Alex is wearing is my tank top. She insisted that it was her dress. The look on Eric's face when he is laying on the bed shows what I miss about being a kid. Its just so much fun jumping and being wild and free. When is the last time I jumped on a bed?? Way too long ago! (I'd probably break the bed!-Maybe that's why we grow out of jumping on beds!?!?!)
Ryleigh girl is getting so big! She is a very serious girl and doesn't smile as much as the other kids did. I thought it was because she was sick for so long with her cold but I think she is just serious! She does her fair share of smiling though and we take what we can get! The kids love to make her smile and giggle! There is nothing better than all of them giggling together! Everything goes into her mouth and she drools ALL THE TIME but so far no teeth. She loves her cereal and is not a big fan of applesauce (the only fruit we've introduced to her so far). We are slowly starting her on the fruits and vegetables. She rolls from back to belly and belly to back. Can get herself across the room if there is something she wants bad enough! She is still an awesome sleeper!! I love putting her to bed, having time with Andy before we go to bed, and waking up before she wakes up in the morning! It's pretty nice! She is also at the shy...reaching for us when someone else has her...stage. She is so much fun and her personality is really coming out!!

Princess Alex! What a doll! I cannot believe how big she is getting!! She is always telling Eric that she loves him which makes him a little squeamish but she usually doesn't care! Sometimes she insists that he tell her that he loves her too!(When he thinks its just the two of them he doesn't hesitate to say it back. SUCH A BOY!) The two of them have so much fun together!! She knows how to get her way...especially with her daddy! She flashes those baby blue eyes and pouts her lips...NO JOKE!...he falls for it every time! (I am also guilty of giving in but I am better at standing my ground!) She still loves her dresses and makeup and jewelery. There are days you MUST call her Princess Alex or she'll just keep saying, "NO, I'm PRINCESS Alex"! But she is our princess and she is very much adored by all of us!

Here is our Tom Cruise! Eric was trying on his new church outfit but the pants didn't fit so he just had the shirt on. It was pretty cute with his little legs!! We've been going through a "fun" little something with him. I don't know if you'd call it a stage or just "itstimeforsummersowecanplayoutside-itis"...I'm ready for summer so I can send them outside! He is still sweet and my big helper but the arguing...begging...jumping from EVERYTHING HE CAN CLIMB...making his sister yell...stuff is getting frustrating! But I'm SO not ready to send him off to Kindergarten and push the thought of it to the back of my mind as quickly as possible! It's not fun to think about! I'll miss him so much! I think its a bum deal that he has to go all day everyday. What happened to every other day like when we were kids?? (tears!!)

We are looking for a new car...not fun! I'm so tired of looking at cars and mileage and years and all that stuff. BLAH! We both REALLY REALLY love one that we drove though! It might not be the BEST buy but we love it! It's an 04 Mitsubishi Galant (sp??). It has 60,000 miles on it and they want $11,xxx but went down a bit. Its pricey for the year and mileage and there isn't a garage here that can fix them that we know of but if we can get them to go down more we might buy it! It has lots of power and is super fun to drive! Plus it would fit all of the kids in the back if we needed and its pretty! We'll see...


The Jones :) said...

What a cute little update. The kids are so cute...and I love the picture of your little "Tom Cruise" :) Too cute...we can't wait to see them in May...oh and you guys too!! I'm jealous that Ryleigh goes to bed so nicely for you and you wake up before her...Ugh...someday Aysha will be there!! How do you put them to bed again?? I still haven't figured that one out?? Can't handle the crying...I'm just a pushover!!! Anyways...the kids are adorable...good luck on finding a car and a good deal!!
Love you guys

JJ said...

Your kids are looks like you are having a lot of fun with them! Give them hugs from Auntie you all!

Andrea and Danny said...

Wow.... too cute!! Your kids are so amazing! I can't wait to get to know Ryleigh! Yeah that Tom Cruise pose is awesome! He's going to love that when he's older!!
And Alex wearing your tank and insisting its a dress and needing to be called Princess Alex! SO CUTE!
Love you guys!
See you so soon!!