Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's been a while so just wanted to post some pictures of the kids. They are growing up way too fast. Tuesday night we took Eric to Kindergarten Round-Up...can't believe he will be starting school this fall. :( We think he really enjoyed it and will love school! He especially loved riding on the school bus! ...Still has the same smell as when we were kids!
Both Eric and Ryleigh have a pretty bad cold so they look extra cute in these pictures! You can see around Eric's nose and cheeks that he has a cold! And Ryleigh just snots everywhere! She is always blowing bubbles out of her nose! She drools A LOT too! We don't know if she's teething or if its part of the cold??? She sure is cranky...but she's had this cold for well over a month now and we are considering taking her in for the 3rd time. They just keep telling us it takes babies a while to get rid of colds but this is a nasty one and she is miserable. (The original cold was going away but is back and really nasty.)
Anyway...Enjoy the many many pics.!

She really loves Eric and Alex!

I can't believe she is getting so big!

She wears these cute little outfits almost everyday!

He posed this way...guess its his "stud" look??


Loves her "chew toys"!!

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Andrea and Danny said...

How cute!! Thanks for putting pictures on. They ALL look so much older! Alex and Ryleigh especially. It was so nice of your kiddos to call to say and say thank you! We love talking to them. They are too cute!
Love you guys!
Danny & Andrea