Friday, March 27, 2009

Newest Additions To Our Family!

There is one thing that me and Andy completely and entirely agree on...we ARE NOT pet people. We both like animals and would love to someday have a dog but right now living in town we don't feel its fair to the dog. That and its not another responsibility either one of us want. Neither of us like rodents (rats, mice, gerbils etc...) and we are allergic to and strongly dislike cats. But we've felt like its not fair to the kids to not have pets. When I was growing up we always had some sort of pet...dogs, wounded pigeons, stray cats and kittens, chickens, calves, cows that were once bottle fed calves...whatever you can find out in the country. So since every kid needs some sort of pet we are trying FISH. I explained to the kids that fish are sensitive little creatures and that some day we might have to flush them down the toilet so they can go to the river which will bring them back to the ocean (THANK YOU FINDING NEMO FOR THE EASY WAY TO SAY GOODBYE!). So meet Eric's fish, Tank Marlin (Tank is the first name, Marlin the last name) and Alex's fish, Nemo.

Yes, we are very creative in picking out names! How do you change the minds of a 2 and 4 year old after they are already made up?? They love watching their fish and are very excited when its time to feed them! I think we made a wise decision going with fish for pets. They are pretty easy to take care of! I just hope neither of them go belly up any time soon!


Mindy said...

Betas are pretty easy to keep, it's the goldfish that die so quickly. Although you might want to be careful with having the fish so close together. I think ours got too stressed out from seeing its reflection and kicked the bucket.

Andrea and Danny said...

FUN.. PETS!!! :D If you liked dogs I would have let you have Jax! ;) ... Just kidding, Danny would never allow that! I love the whole "Finding Nemo" story if the fish dies! How convenient! Oh also, one of my friends used to have 2 Beta fish and was told not to have them in the same tank??? I dont remember why though!
Love you!

Klous Family said...

Beta's aren't supposed to be together because they'd kill each other but this is a 2 beta tank. It's seperated by a wall thing. You can take the blue part out so they see each other and see them flare up...they get really mad. Thats the fun part about having Beta's!! (seeing them flare up) So far so good with them!! No belly ups yet!! ;)