Thursday, March 26, 2009

All grown up...

The kids were practicing their ABC's and counting today while I was fixing lunch. Alex isn't so great at the ABC's so Eric was helping her. He'd say the letter and she'd repeat it.

My conversation with Eric after they got done with the alphabet:

Me: You guys are so smart! That's so nice of you to help Alex. You can teach her all the things that you learn.

Eric: Yeah, I have lots of people who teach me things. My teachers at church Sister Strege and Sister Jensen, my speech teacher, you and daddy, and my teacher at school.

Me: Eric you don't have a teacher at school because you haven't started Kindergarten yet.

Eric: Yeah, but when I get all grown up and turn 5 I will!

TOO CUTE!! Its SO funny to me that he thinks 5 is all grown up! I'm 26 and there are days I don't feel "all grown up"!! I love being a mommy and hearing the things my kids say and learning the way their little minds think!!


Mindy said...

That's really cute. Hazel's been saying things like, when I was a baby...and then I remember it was 19 years ago. No concept of time!

breckster said...

I'm glad he is excited, I hope it stays that way. :)

Andrea and Danny said...

YEAH! That is hilarious! The things kids say, right!? Your kids are too awesome! Oh I was going to tell you that Eric also looks so much older! Did he have a growth spurt or something? Only 2 months until all our little baby girls get to be together! FUN!!