Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We decided since Andy is done with school to take a little vacation with Danny and Andrea. Andy took last Thursday and Friday off, had the weekend and Monday (Memorial Day) off and then also took Tuesday. So we had a nice long time to be together and do some fun things. Alex's birthday was last Thursday (first day of vacation) so we decided we'd go to Duluth and go to the zoo and stay at a water park hotel. Sounds like fun, right? She had had a fever since Sunday night and we figured by vacation time it would be gone. And it would go away...but then it kept coming back. She was fine all day Thursday and lets just say we had a good time together at the zoo. The Duluth zoo is "oh so exciting" know...with all the animals that WEREN'T there!! All the cages said they were there but we must have been blind because a lot of the cages looked pretty empty to us!! But it was fun spending time together and the weather was nice so we enjoyed that part of it! Then we were off to dinner and check in at the hotel. Right away we got ready and went to the water park. What a BLAST! Eric LOVED the big water slide...I don't even know how many times him and uncle Danny went down it. Just a couple of months ago at Danny's wedding it was so hard to get him to go in the we couldn't get him to leave! He loved everything about it and had so much fun! Alex didn't have as much fun. She started burning up again and would just moan and whine as we tried floating down the lazy river with her. She did that the whole time and so we ended up not celebrating her 2nd Birthday with cake and whatnot. She never threw up or anything...just a fever. We ended up taking her to the doctor Saturday morning...we figured a week of fever is just weird...not to mention Sat. early morning she started throwing up. The pediatrician that saw her said she possibly had two things...the fever could have been Fifth Disease?? She said they'd been hit pretty hard with that lately. And she did have the "slapped face" symptom of it earlier in the week. Then the second thing was "summer flu" which was the vomiting and diarrhea. I can deal with fever...but this last stuff was not fun. She did that the rest of the weekend and was FINALLY feeling better Monday. We adults took full advantage of it since it kind of tied us down all weekend. We had my sister and her boyfriend come up and watch the kids. (SO grateful to them!!) We went and had root beer floats at A&W, walked around Home Depot, went to the AWESOME movie What Happens in Vegas, then went to dinner at Forest Lake. We ate $83.00 worth of pork, steaks, shrimp and crab legs! (Thanks to Andy doing favors for the Bank and them in return giving him gift certificates to somewhere we don't dare bring the kids to so they added up quite nicely!) YUM!! We had so much fun!
Sadly, Tuesday morning Danny and Andrea said goodbye and went home. I think the kids thought they moved in and were gonna live with us forever! We all had so much fun together. I really enjoyed our girls night Friday night which consisted of just me and Andrea going to the movie Maid of Honor. No kids to fight with and someone close to my own age to visit with!! So we didn't love the movie so much but we had fun being out of the house and away from the craziness of kids and fevers and whatnot! Saturday night the boys had their boys night and went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. They didn't love their movie either (Eric slept through most of it!) but when they got home we had fun grilling and enjoyed a wonderful meal of shishkabobs (Sp?) and corn on the cob! So even though Alex was sick most of the time we still had so much fun together!!
This post is long so I'll post later about the party we finally had for Alex's birthday! I'll also try to get some pictures posted. I was too busy at the water park to get any pictures taken of the fun everyone had there but I have some Zoo pictures I'll try to post.

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Danny & Andrea Klous said...

MAN that was SOOOOO much fun!!!! I love getting together, and getting away with you guys!! We should make this like a twice a year kinda thing! It was such a blast! I love you all so much and miss you all already ;)