Saturday, May 17, 2008

Work in progress...

As you can probably tell we are very new to this blog stuff. Hopefully it'll get easier to figure out and we'll get more creative and have our blog looking better! We don't have many recent pictures of our family as we keep forgetting to buy batteries for the camera. We'll get some new pictures posted soon but for now i'm going to try to post the most recent ones we have! The kids are constantly changing and there is so much we'd love to share with everyone!
Eric loves being outside at every chance he gets. He loves riding his bike!! He gets going really fast down this small slope in the sidewalk and then takes his feet off the pedals!! SO brave!! His new interest in bugs is a little disturbing...he definately doesnt get it from his Mommy. He now holds a variety of bugs in his hand and begs to get the spiders when mommy is freaking out at the discovery of them in the house. I guess it would be nice for me so i dont have to do it but his aim isnt very good yet and they usually get away which leaves me feeling all creepy and crawly. I can't believe how big he is getting!!

Alex also loves being outside and loves going buh-bye. It doesnt matter to where...apparently anywhere is better than here at home! We'll be driving home and turn onto the street we live on and she starts yelling and crying and begging to go "buh-bye". Its crazy how she knows when we are almost home. And its really sad that she doesnt want to be here! Maybe its from being cooped up all winter??? She is really starting to love wearing dresses and you can tell she feels very pretty in them. How, you might wonder? Maybe its the twirling or the swaying her hips from side to side to make her dress sway back and forth? Or maybe its the big eyes staring up at us begging us to tell her how pretty she looks?!?! In her defense though, she really does look beautiful in them! The only problem with a 2 year old in a dress is that she hasnt quite gotten the "acting like a lady" while wearing them. We discovered this last sunday as Brother Cook was saying 'Bye' to her and she lifted her entire dress over her head. She wasnt wearing any tights or anything other than her diaper. Guess its not so bad while she's only 2 but still... :)

Anyway...Guess i'll quit bragging about my family and try to get pics. posted before I head off to bed!

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