Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Alex...

Alex...our little There are no words...!!

Because she doesn't listen...this is a burn from touching the stove

6:30 this morning she is on the counter trying to eat the marshmallows, a sucker and had a cookie in her mouth. Notice it is still dark outside. She beat me downstairs.

I told her to quit picking her nose so she went and hid on the stairs to do it. SO GROSS.

Sent her upstairs to get dressed...comes down with clothes that don't fit that I have in a box to put away. Plus they are on backwards.

The burn happened the other day but all the rest of the pictures are from today. And its only 9:00 AM!!! Can't wait to see what else she does today!


Mindy said...

Looks like you'll have a very busy day.

Andrea and Danny said...!!!
I'm speechless! Thats so Alex!!
I couldn't stop laughing looking at all this!
Her hair is getting so long!!!
Love you!

The Jones :) said...

That is too funny...looks like she keeps you on your toes!! Grandma & I are just laughing looking at the pictures!! Grandma said she's a "twurp"...but she's so dang cute!! Grandma misses her so much she you guys and good luck the rest of the day ;) Grandma says call Papa to come help!!

JJ said...

She is so funny...oooh, but owieee on the burn! The nose pickin cracks me up...they all do it. I just keep handing mine kleenexes. Good job for getting herself dressed though. Little Alex, what a cutie!