Monday, November 10, 2008


So apparently I am an extremely vain person. All I can think about is getting this weight off. I HATE looking down and seeing my belly and feeling different areas jiggle. I'm sad that I can't just be confident and happy with the way I look right now. I wish I could be "fat and sassy" "large and in charge" etc...I just can't. Maybe it's from growing up skinny with skinny siblings?? I realize I had a baby only 7 weeks ago but I set out to prove my doctor wrong. He said, "9 months on, 9 months off"... I am hoping its gone by Christmas. However, I think the goal may be a little harder to reach than originally planned. I still have time but so far NOT SO GOOD. I'm working my butt off but had a little set back when my incision started hurting really bad. I probably overdid it. But now I'm feeling good! I'll take it easy but I am working my butt off. Hopefully I really am literally working my BUTT off. It jiggles too! :) I try to diet but then I end up overeating. Why can't healthy food be as fun and taste as good as unhealthy food??!?!?!
Anyway...I just needed to vent. I sure wish this weight would just FALL OFF already and my body would instantly firm up a bit! That would be so nice!!


The Jones :) said...

Wow Anna :) You just need to relax!! It's ok that you're not a SKINNY MINI...just don't over-do it and cause more problems, that wouldn't be good. You look great, and if I can look like you after having 3 kids, I'll be dang happy. However don't see it happening...but we'll see!! Just take it slow and it'll happen!! I love you!!
-Becki :)

Mindy said...

You could always try breastfeeding again and let the baby suck it off. Then you can overeat and just let her have the calories instead of you!

Andrea and Danny said...

You looked amazing 3 days after you had Ryleigh! Its a seemingly good price to pay for a precious baby!! You're freakin me out though.. I have no idea what to look fwd to!!!
Love you!
Andrea :D

Morgan said...

Anna, you don't know me but I know your in-laws. I have a hard time after having a baby and the weight thing. After I had my last one I went on the South Beach Diet. It's the only diet that I can follow without cheating. I just checked the book out at the library and followed it to a "T" and I dropped close to 17 pounds by then end. Give it a go if you are up for dieting. I really like it. Good luck with the shedding.