Thursday, November 20, 2008

Farewell...for now...

This is my last post for a while. Andy may choose to post something...who knows...but I will not be doing this anymore. At least for a while. I think I take things the wrong way when people comment on my posts. And maybe people misunderstand the things I say in them?? I just think this will help me to not have hurt feelings anymore. I am not upset with anyone who has commented on my posts...this is just what is for the best for now. :)


I so badly HATE working out!!!!!!!!!! I just tried to do TAE BO...GRRROOOSSS!!! It KICKED MY BUTT!! I couldn't even finish the video!!!
I know I will get better if I keep at it. It just sucks!! Me and Andy have decided to hang up posters in the basement of HUNKS and BABES for motivation. We both feel like puking by the time we get off the treadmill and neither of us do much more than a mile!
One more elbows hurt really bad now that I did that TAE BO video. Maybe I was doing it wrong??

Monday, November 17, 2008


We were FINALLY able to get a picture of Ryleigh smiling! We've been trying so hard for so long and at last here we go!! She would only smile for Eric! Hopefully we'll be able to capture an even better one but for now we are so excited with this one!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So apparently I am an extremely vain person. All I can think about is getting this weight off. I HATE looking down and seeing my belly and feeling different areas jiggle. I'm sad that I can't just be confident and happy with the way I look right now. I wish I could be "fat and sassy" "large and in charge" etc...I just can't. Maybe it's from growing up skinny with skinny siblings?? I realize I had a baby only 7 weeks ago but I set out to prove my doctor wrong. He said, "9 months on, 9 months off"... I am hoping its gone by Christmas. However, I think the goal may be a little harder to reach than originally planned. I still have time but so far NOT SO GOOD. I'm working my butt off but had a little set back when my incision started hurting really bad. I probably overdid it. But now I'm feeling good! I'll take it easy but I am working my butt off. Hopefully I really am literally working my BUTT off. It jiggles too! :) I try to diet but then I end up overeating. Why can't healthy food be as fun and taste as good as unhealthy food??!?!?!
Anyway...I just needed to vent. I sure wish this weight would just FALL OFF already and my body would instantly firm up a bit! That would be so nice!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008



Oh Alex...

Alex...our little There are no words...!!

Because she doesn't listen...this is a burn from touching the stove

6:30 this morning she is on the counter trying to eat the marshmallows, a sucker and had a cookie in her mouth. Notice it is still dark outside. She beat me downstairs.

I told her to quit picking her nose so she went and hid on the stairs to do it. SO GROSS.

Sent her upstairs to get dressed...comes down with clothes that don't fit that I have in a box to put away. Plus they are on backwards.

The burn happened the other day but all the rest of the pictures are from today. And its only 9:00 AM!!! Can't wait to see what else she does today!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I absolutely LOVE having kids!! This morning I made them "work" for their breakfast! There weren't any complaints about getting to help mommy! They each took turns adding the ingredients for the muffins, stirring, filling the muffin cups, watching to see if they were done, and even doing the dishes! We were all pretty soaked after we got done doing the dishes but boy did they have fun! And they sure enjoyed the muffins! Kids are so amazing and so much fun!! I LOVE being a Mom!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I don't have much time to write about our Halloween day but I posted a million pictures. The kids had a blast and got way too much candy. They seem to want to eat it all in one sitting so it is now on the fridge...the only place they cannot reach or climb to! Me and Ryleigh stayed home and passed out candy. The last couple of years we've had to turn the lights off outside because there are so many trick-or-treaters we run out of candy. This year we bought like $50.00 worth of candy to give out and ended up not having as many kids. We actually have candy left over. We still had a ton of kids though! Andy and some friends went out to try to win money at the costume contests. They only hit two places and at the last one is where they won. Andy won $50.00 and Darren won $150.00. Darren insisted that since it was Andy's costume he wore that Andy take $100.00 of it. NICE! So it wasn't as great as years past but he still came out ok!

Ryleigh in her "costume"

Eating their pumpkin looking pancakes

Silly kids!

Waaaaayyyyy too much candy! They each have a bowl!

Darren as the Tin Man!

Darren and Andy

checking out the goods!

Ready to go!

So pretty with her makeup and sparkles!