Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Goodbye...

I had to say Goodbye to yet another pair of jeans today. I just wore them the other day and they fit nicely. They went up fine today but then were way too uncomfortable when I buttoned them so we've parted ways! I think that was my last pair of pre-prego jeans. This baby is growing lots and lots and my belly is getting HUGE!
8 weeks to go!!! I can't wait!!!

31 weeks today


The Jones :) said...

That is PATHETIC...I've been wearing maternity since I was 8 weeks...RIDICULOUS...must be nice to still wear "pre-prego" jeans...I'm jealous!! Hopefully I'll just get BACK into mine!! Crazy you only have 8 weeks left...and we're traveling in a MONTH!! WOO're adorable though!!!
Love you :)

JJ said...

Only 8 weeks? Wow...time does fly!
I am excited to see that little baby! Have a great day!

The Jones :) said...

Hey...I didn't know where I should respond to your I'm just trying on here!! Anyways...I just wear capri's...I have a few pairs, and then a pair of overall ones...that's what I wear if we're going places...other then that...just around the house and to lounge I LOVE my "basketball" shorts. The shorts in the guys section that are that slippery know what I mean!?!?! That's what I prefer...but I understand you not wanting to buy more with only have 8 weeks left!! You could check or they have some cute stuff!! Good luck...and I completely agree with you!! I CAN'T WAIT for SD!!! Hopefully it won't be too hot and'll just be nice to all be together!!!
LOVE YOU :) :) :)

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

Awww ANNA! You look beautiful! You're glowing!! :D! Nothing but a baby belly!! I cant believe you were still wearing normal jeans! Mine are even getting uncomfortable! I bought some cute maternity tops the other day! Danny thought it was rather odd, but they fit me now and they'll fit me when I'm 9 months so I'm excited!! I'm so excited for you!! You look so beautiful!