Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's on to us!

Now that I'm watching this extra little guy (which means two 2 year olds 8 hours a day 5 days a week) Eric has really become my big helper. I don't know what I would do without his help...probably go crazy! I refer to him as the big kid and the other two as the little kids. I think that makes him feel big and important. Right after lunch the little kids go to take their naps and Eric gets to just hang out on the couch with me. I tell him he doesn't have to take a nap just rest for awhile...99% of the time he falls asleep!! This last week our favorite thing to do together has been putting the kids down for their naps and then hanging out on the couch and eating our yummy tootsie rolls! He eats a few and then lays down and falls asleep. Well yesterday Ms. Alex came down the stairs and caught us. I gave her one tootsie roll and sent her back upstairs for her nap. However, I think she has caught on to us. Today she kept sneaking down the stairs and I kept sending her back. Was she looking for that big bag of tootsie rolls?? After I thought she was sleeping I pulled out the candy and me and Eric enjoyed a couple then he fell asleep. Alex wasn't sleeping after all...she came down again and so I figured we'd take the time and enjoy some bonding time like me and Eric do. I'm sure I'm going to regret not giving her a nap today but we have to have those special moments too. I remember being little and feeling important when I got to get out of taking a nap and being able to just hang out with my mom.
I love being a mommy!! It's so awesome!! And I just adore my kids!!

I hope she doesn't think she gets to do this all the time now!

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The Jones :) said...

That's too funny!! However...if she's as determined as the rest of us Klous'...she'll be back all the time now!! She's adorable with her BIG smile though and that bag of treats!! I think it's funny too that you try to be so sneaky!!! You're a great mommy...and good thing you can look and laugh at things like this!!! You're great!!
Love ya