Wednesday, July 16, 2008


At our last ultrasound we didn't get very good pictures of the baby as he/she was being very stubborn and was all curled up. We had to go in for a second ultrasound because they couldn't see all that they needed to with the heart. EVERYTHING is fine!! They got to see it perfectly this time and all looks good. The baby was once again being stubborn but finally did turn so we could get some profile pictures. It is so amazing watching this baby on a screen. Today we got to see the baby sticking its tongue out, yawning and making sucking or chewing motions with its mouth! SO cute!! I cannot wait to hold this little one!!

This is the one with the tongue sticking out! Can you see it?!?


Danny & Andrea Klous said...

Yay! Thats so exciting!! Kinda looks like a girl Anna ;)! Just kidding! I'm glad everything went well at this ultrasound and that you guys have nothing to worry about! I'm getting pretty anxious to get to that point to have an ultrasound! Love you guys and see you in August!

JJ said...

That is adorable, you're baby is going to be so sweet! I think a girl....hmmmmmm....ya...i think a girl! oh wow...i didn't even read Andrea's comment before i started typing mine....weird! I am happy all is well with the you guys and miss you!

Klous Family said...

HEY NOW! What is this?? You guys can't be saying its a girl!! It's definately a boy!! I have no idea and will take either...but still... KNOCK IT OFF!! That makes 3 people today alone to say its a girl! Now that we have the boy name picked out (Joseph Andrew) we no longer can agree on a girl name so i guess it's gotta be a BOY!! :)

The Jones :) said...

Such a cute baby...ours was opening it's mouth and sucking or chewing too...funny!! Guess they're related or something!! I think you're having a girl too Anna...sorry to burst your bubble...but that is a really cute name for a boy!! How creative!! Would you call him Joey?? Or what?? I wish you would've gotten a LEG shot...then we'd be able to see what it is!!! Can't wait to see your big belly...only a month left...WOO HOO!!!
LOVE YOU LOTS...and miss you too!!