Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Children

Anyone else ever feel like they let others control their lives or parts of their lives?? I've been really feeling like this lately. I'm very much the kind of person that lets people walk all over me and hurt my feelings but wouldn't dare be rude to them or stand up for myself. As much as I think its good to be kind and respectful I am really getting tired of being the person people walk on. Maybe its pregnancy hormones??...but I am really ready to take a stand! The thing that has been bothering me the most is my parenting skills. I'm a very strict, constantly nagging kind of mom. I didn't used to be. Andy says I need to just relax and let them be kids. There are those that tend to critique my parenting skills and question what it is I am doing. This drives me nuts!! I want my kids to be good kids and be respectful but they have a mom and a dad and that's all they need. NO EXTRA MOMS OR DADS ARE NEEDED!! I think we are doing a dang good job with them. Are they perfect?? NO! But they are KIDS!! 2 and 4 year olds!!! From now on I'm going to let them be kids. I'm going to let them be naughty from time to time and let them learn things for themselves. My parents weren't strict with me and I think I turned out just fine!
So today I let them climb on the chairs and help me bake cookies. We had so much fun!! Eric dumped half of the flour combination on the counter instead of in the bowl and i just laughed and wiped it from the counter into the bowl. Alex kept eating all the cookie dough mix from her spoon, licking the spoon and then putting the spoon back into the bowl. And while it was her turn to stir the mix she kept spilling it everywhere and smearing it across the counter trying to clean it up. These are things I would normally just go crazy about and make them get down. But today was just a much needed fun day. I used to be so easy going when it was just me and Eric but lately I expect perfection from them. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! We danced to the radio and just had a blast!! Then after lunch we enjoyed our "spilled and put back in the bowl, licked and eaten from" cookies!!
I love our children and am so proud of who they are! I think they are dang good kids and I'm going to start letting them be just that...KIDS!


The Jones :) said...

Anna...you are an AMAZING person and mommy!! Don't let others get you down!! Good job on letting your hair down and letting them make a mess though...those are the things they'll remember!!!
-Becki :)

JJ said...

You are right...I am too strict too! Kids just need to be kids! Thanks for the reminder...and I want to try some of those cookies sometime too!

Danny & Andrea Klous said...

You are hilarious! And I agree with Becki, you ARE an AMAZING person and a WONDERFUL mommy!! I've told you before how great you are with your kids and how its so nice to see a mom love her kids the way you do!

You're also a very good story teller/writer!! Wish I could write that good!!

You're amazing, I love you, and I'll see you TOMORROW!!!!!!! YAY

Danny & Andrea Klous said...


You also have the cutest kids in the world, my goodness!! They look SOO happy! :D

breckster said...

Hi! I'm done lurking.

And I've made it a rule that the only person I take parenting advice from is the Lord. Nobody else knows me or Reuben well enough to have any authority on the subject.