Wednesday, August 6, 2008

6 weeks and 2 days!!...

...Not that I'm counting or anything!! 6 weeks until this baby comes!! I CANNOT wait!! I have so many exciting things coming in the next 6 weeks and all i get to do is WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!! Lisa is FINALLY coming HOME where she BELONGS but not until next week. We FINALLY get to see BECKI, RYAN and KLOUS plus Danny and Andrea and Andrea's tiny little belly!! :)...but not for 2 WHOLE WEEKS. (Becki, you have NO idea how excited I am for our trip!! We are going to have SO much fun!! But we have to WAIT!!) And in that time I turn 26...not so excited about turning another year older but hey, its a birthday and birthdays are always exciting! And while on our trip to South Dakota me and Andy will celebrate our 5 year anniversary!! THAT'S exciting!! 5 YEARS!! WOW!! I'm glad there are so many awesome things going on to help pass the time until this baby comes. I think I would just go crazy if I had to do the same thing day in and day out until he/she arrives!!
So I know its a little early but I set up the cradle where the baby will sleep in our room. I rearranged our entire bedroom. EVERYTHING has a new spot!! That was some heavy moving (the bed, the dresser with the t.v on it)!! Eric helped me and had so much fun screwing in the screws to the cradle. He kept saying he hopes the baby is a boy! He changes his mind every day though...some days he wants a brother and others he wants two sisters so???!! Guess he'll be happy either way! I get so frustrated thinking about all the things I need to do before we have the baby but then decide i can only do so much without knowing the sex of the baby. And that frustrates me even more!! I would like to have the dresser all set with the clothes but all the clothes are in boxes in the garage and basement. Since I'm having a c-section I don't really think I'm going to be up to digging through clothes in the garage and basement and washing them after the baby comes and we finally find out the sex!!... So I guess I'll just pick out the onesies, sleepers and blankets that could go either way boy or girl?? SO MUCH TO DO!!
Guess this is what I'll be doing while I'm WAITING for all of our excitement to happen!!

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The Jones :) said...

You're funny!! I can't believe it's only 6 weeks away though...CRAZY!!! I'm so so excited for our trip too...I can't's coming fast...too fast!! We still have lots to do on the van to get it ready!! Yippee...
As for belly/baby pics...I keep forgetting to have Ryan take some...doesn't really work when I do it myself!!! Silly I know ;) I don't know if I'm still losing weight...sure don't feel like it...I'm a cow, so you don't have to worry about being the only one!! I'll have to do better...Ryan's done with this semester on maybe this weekend I can get him to take some...when he's not preoccupied with school...can I tell you how ANNOYED I am with school lately...I can't wait for him just to be DONE...BLAH. Can't wait to see you...we need to plan meals and food!!