Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long blog update...

I don't really care for pop but once in a while it tastes good. I'm not really good at drinking a whole one myself...it either gets dumped out or the kids eventually drink it for me. I started a pop this afternoon and left it on the stove so the kids wouldn't get it or spill it. Andy came home from work and the boy I watch went home so I was relaxing on the couch, celebrating that I don't have that little boy tomorrow (yahoo!!) when I hear Alex go into the kitchen. I asked her what she was doing and she responds "drink...daddy...pop". She's our climber so I put two and two together that she was trying to get my pop. Too exhausted to really care I just let her go for it. Then a couple minutes later we hear chatter and giggles in the kitchen and this is what we found:

Apparently the stove isn't the best place to "put things up"! I don't know how many pictures we have of Alex sitting on the counter eating something that was "put up". Usually its cookies out of the cupboard. Maybe I should start putting everything in the lower cupboards when they aren't looking! They are monsters and I love them to pieces!!
I had a checkup yesterday. It was a good one...still just weighing in, getting measurements and listening to the heartbeat. I can hardly wait for the fun appointments when they "check" you.
I go again in 3 weeks and then I'll go once a week. Those will be the fun appointments. :( I gained another 4 lbs. I'm starting to not really care...I haven't been eating the greatest foods but I haven't been so bad either and I've been walking almost every day so I figure the baby is growing and I'm just going to gain weight no matter what. My doctor said I'm the exact same weight now as I was with Alex at this time (33 weeks). I thought that was interesting. He also said I'm the same weight now as I was with Eric at 23 weeks!! hahaha I was so huge with him!! I was 186 lbs when I had Eric and 165 lbs when I had Alex. So crazy!! I asked him again about going to South Dakota. He didn't say yes and he didn't say no. He said if I were to try to fly to SD they wouldn't let me board the plane and that driving puts me at higher risks of things. But he also said that if something were to go wrong he's sure there are hospitals on the way to and in SD and if I do decide to go that I have to stop often and walk around. I'm sure everything will be fine!!
Anyway...I'm absolutely out of my mind exhausted tonight. I'm getting more and more tired. Can't wait for that energy boost I read about in my baby books that is supposed to be coming??? The kids are so good to me...they get the lotion out and rub my legs and my feet. Usually without my even asking! They are so beautiful and sweet! Eric told me today at nap time that he can't wait for the baby to come! I'm glad they are excited!! I'm just a little excited too! ;)


The Jones :) said...

I think it's funny you asked your Dr. about going to South Dakota!! Like you're NOT going to go!?!?! You HAVE TO!!! So yeah...I'm sure things will be fine...we'll pray for you...and maybe you can get a blessing or something!! ;) :) ;) I can't wait...only a little over a week...WOO HOO!!!
Your kids are adorable...can't wait to see them...what little sneaks climbing like that though...but I understand the "not caring" feeling too by the end of the day!!!
Love you guys!!!

Andrea and Danny said...

Oh my gosh! You DO have the CUTEST kids ever!! Wow! That is so sweet of them to be so excited and get the lotion out and put it on you! Thats too cute!! Can't wait to see them! When we left last time we were up there I missed them like an hour after we were gone! They're so sweet once they warm up to me :)!