Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What the heck??

So here I sit...on the 4:30 in the MORNING. I don't have my extra little guy today so I should be sleeping in until at least 7 or 7:30. ...This is not what I consider sleeping in! Who on earth wakes up sneezing?? It was the most bizarre thing I've ever done and it really scared me! I went from dreaming to sneezing! Does that mean I wasn't 100% asleep?? Can you really be sleeping and start sneezing?? Unfortunately that's not the end of my story... So I'm tossing and turning and unable to go back to sleep. I try to fight with my bladder because I hate getting up and going downstairs so I'm fighting with that... Finally give in and go downstairs...and I end up getting the hiccups. Surprisingly they don't last too crazy long but then the heartburn begins. Are you kidding me?? It wasn't even 4 AM yet!! Hope this isn't the start to a really bad day!
Just so you don't think I'm entirely crazy...I have been fighting with allergies pretty bad the last couple of weeks. I usually wake up during the night (having to pee, of course!) and fight with an itchy throat or itchy eyes. I'm usually able to go back to sleep though.
Here I am...wide awake...and now my tummy is rumbling! BEAUTIFUL!


The Jones :) said...

LOL...oh how sad...I shouldn't laugh!! I'm sorry you had a rough night...hopefully that'll mean you get a good nap today!!! Can't wait to see you!!

Andrea and Danny said...

Unbelievable!! I know how bad it is now to have a horrible nights sleep.. night... after night.. after night. But I couldn't imagine having to get up at 4AM like you did!! Wow!