Monday, August 18, 2008

Doing a little better!

Besides my amazing husband...this girl right here is my soul mate!! She is perfect in almost every way. Again, besides my husband...she is my best friend. I'm not including Andy in this because I'm "supposed to"...he really is my soul mate and best friend. Before he came along this was the girl that knew everything about me and loved me anyway. He came along and she moved away...this is called life. He is my absolute everything and knows me better than anyone and in some amazing superhero way is able to be everything and more than I ever hoped for and NEEDED. I have so much emotion when I think about him...I just might break out into a country song!! He really is my everything. But she still knows so much about me and loves me unconditionally and is able to tell me when I'm wrong and/or being ridiculous! She is kind and beautiful and spiritually she is a ROCK. She is hilarious and there is never a dull moment when she is around. I had the best time with her this last weekend and am so so sad that our fun is over and I don't get to see her until Christmas. I cannot wait till Christmas! Hopefully someday we live closer and we won't have to go through the rough goodbyes. She truly is an amazing girl and I'm so lucky to have her for a sister.


The Jones :) said...

Boy you really love her!! You're pretty sweet!! Glad you have such a good relationship with her! That's cool!! 2 more days!! Can't wait!!
Love you!!

Andrea and Danny said...

That is so sweet Anna :). I hope she reads your blog!! If anyone said that about me I'd be set for life :D haha! Isn't it amazing how crazy we are about our husbands!? hehe! Love you!

P.S. We DO want to come up there when the baby is born, but we don't want to be in your way! So you tell us when to come and we'll be there! DO KNOW THAT WE WANT TO BE THERE!!!