Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 strikes you're out?

Last night Alex tripped while going up the stairs to bed. I didn't see it happen but she must have face planted into the stairs because she ended up having a bloody nose and a fat lip. Strike 1!
Now tonight she was walking in the living room and just face planted into the floor. No bloody nose this time but she bled from the mouth and made her fat lip come back! I was holding Ryleigh and had to lay her down so I asked Alex to go into the bathroom. Her hands were all bloody from holding her mouth so the light switch, wall and sink were all covered with blood. Not being dramatic...there was lots of blood! It was really gross! I don't know if you can really see it in the pictures I'm posting but she also has like rug burn on her chin. Poor girl! Strike 2!
If there is a strike 3 (keep your fingers crossed there isn't) I'm sure it will end up with her knocking herself out!


The Jones :) said...

Poor girl...she looks pretty sad about it too...sad for her :( Hope things get better for you and her soon!!!
Things here are alright...not back to normal...having to do more tests :( It's getting really old...and I'm really freaking out...but just have to stay positive I suppose. Keep us in your prayers!!!
Love you lots and miss you!!

Andrea and Danny said...

Oh sad day!!! Hope strike 3 didnt happen! Ouch! Hope it heals up sooon!!
I care for you guys so much. You've all been really heavy on my heart lately. I love you guys!

JJ said...

Ohhh sad Alex! Owieee! Give her big hugs from Auntie JJ! Love you!