Friday, October 17, 2008


Any LDS bloggers who may read this blog...I need your help. Please, if you will, share with me why you believe our church is the true church. I realize with conference 2 weeks behind us I should be on a spiritual high right now... Please just give me something...anything...something that will make me remember or realize...make me go "ahh ha, what was I thinking to doubt it?". And please do not judge me...I'm not at a good place right now.


Mindy said...

Heavenly Father loves you. Look around you, it is true.

If you're having a really hard time, all you need to do is pray and ask Heavenly Father for him to help you through the power of the atonement.

In Sunday school last week, we learned about how a hen gathers her chicks like it talks about in Isaiah and 3 Ne. 10. I was really surprised when the teacher told us this story where some college students assessing the damage of a fire. There were smouldering heaps around and they couldn't figure out what they were. One man knew and told a student to go kick one. When he did a bunch of chicks scurried out! The heaps were mother hens that had called to their babies to be gathered under her wings. She sacrificed her life to save theirs.
That is what Jesus has done for us.
If you go to and click on lesson 37 "Whosoever Will Come, Him Will I Receive" by Phillip Allred you can read the story yourself.
Heavenly Father and Jesus love us so much that they have provided a way for us to return to live with them. That is my testimony.
I think you can listen to conference on mp3 if you go to and need a refresher. Hope you feel better. Love, Mindy

The Jones :) said...

I'm sorry you're in this rut...I'm probably not far behind you, but it always seems easier to help other people before helping yourself. So even though I'm having a tough time, I know this church is true. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, I know that no matter how down and depressed I am that I can get on my knees at any time and He'll listen. It doesn't have to be a fancy prayer, just a heart-felt honest prayer from me, to let Him know that I need help. It always makes me feels so much better. The last few weeks have really sucked for me, but my only thing getting me through is faith and trust...I know that He will not give us anything more then we can handle. When we're in these ruts, we need to remember who it is that is helping us feel so down. It's not our Savior or Heavenly Father...Satan knows how to work on us and tries so much harder. Just keep a prayer in your heart, and try to be happy. Things will get better and easier. You deserve it, and I know you know it!! You've helped me at my hard times, so I know you can get through it!! I love you Anna...I hope you know how much you mean to me!!

JJ said...

I have gone through similar feelings and thoughts in my head at different times about the church.
With having just listened to conference, I started to really think about the revelation given to us over the last several years. All of the warnings and counsel we have been given, is all making sense to me now. I see the need for food storage, I see the need to stay out of debt, I see the need to beware of pornography, I see the need to regularly visit the temple, I see the need to be a better person, and I see the need of so many other revelations given. It is all making sense to me, that doesn't mean I am not a little afraid of what is to come. Because I have things to do to prepare for what is to come.
"If ye are prepared, ye will not fear"
Anna, this is the only complete and true church on the face of this earth, and it was restored to the earth for this time, and for all things to come to pass within our Heavenly Father's plan.
Heavenly Father will make sure that you know that, if you ask, and have faith that he will answer you.
We love our families sooooo much, and we need our spouses to help us go back with Heavenly Father, but, this test we are in, is very individual, and it is determined upon what we, as individuals, do, say, and think. We all have work to do to improve ourselves, and to gain the testimony needed to succeed. You will succeed, I know it, and you will be a better person for having gained the testimony you are gaining now.

Heavenly Father loves you, Jesus loves you, and I know you will find the answers you seek. Don't doubt, have faith!
I love you Anna! Even though we don't talk much, I think about all of you all the time. Keep the Faith ;) Love ya, JJ

breckster said...

I've been thinking about you and your request all day, trying to formulate my response. And I've settled on sharing a couple experiences.

When I was almost 13, church became a pretty horrible place for me. The girls my age didn't like me, and were basically mean to me, and I had hurt feelings and was holding a grudge toward most of the boys. Anyway, I hated going. Every Wednesday and Sunday I would try to come up with an excuse that would convince my mother that I didn't have to go. As months turned into years I kept going because my mother forced me. I was lucky to realize that church isn't about the people, its all about Heavenly Father and his plan to get us back to Him. If you are lucky enough to have friends there, then they can be a huge lift but our church is about learning about, worshiping, and getting back to God through His son Jesus Christ.

I had a devastating set back to the future I was on the path to have. I had to make a life changing decision, and my life was not the only one involved. The pressure was enormous, and the pain was deep. I couldn't think straight, and I was angry at God for allowing it to happen to me. I doubted my worth, I doubted my ability to recover, and I doubted the power of personal revelation. The situation was such that I only had one person I trusted enough to talk to. She had the loving ability to convince me that this might be an opportunity to strengthen my testimony. She understood my anger, and helped me see that it was hurting me more than anyone else, and cutting me off from the one real support that was left. I started my prayer as a list of the reasons I was mad at God, and then why I knew it wasn't His fault, I was then able to plead for help to deal with the feelings, I prayed for guidance, I prayed for a revival of my testimony. And while the event was still devastating, and I was still in pain, I was able to think clearly and make the decisions I felt God approved of (that God would help me make real.) It was really hard to enforce those decisions, and it was a painful lesson on the Atonement. But I learned a vital lesson about the Atonement. I knew of its power to heal me of the wounds I inflicted on myself, but I learned of the real power it has to heal us from the wounds others choices inflict on us. I realized that my faith was what allowed God to help me. My sliver of faith that survived through my anger, it was enough to get the help I needed, and as I allowed myself to recognize those blessings my faith grew.

I think its important to assess, and question our faith, but it is eternally important to allow God to help us in that assessment and finding of answers. He may feel too distant to be believable. The challenges we face may seem too much for a loving father to allow. But the catch is, a loving father can't prevent ALL things from happening, but he can help us recover. He understands our heartache, he yearns to comfort us, but he allows us to choose whether or not we let him.

Now, as to whether The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints int he true church or not. I learned that lesson when I prayed about Joseph Smith. I felt that it was the true church, that it was restored by God. So, the choice for me was only do I believe in God and His church, or do I not believe in God.

I hope these responses help. I have enjoyed reading the testimonies of Mindy, Becki, and JJ, and was glad to think about the question today. I'm sorry you aren't in a good place right now, but I am glad that you asked the question.

breckster said...

I found this article a good reminder, thought you might like it.