Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am seriously sucking at this diet! I have yet to workout let alone walk a mile every day. I'm so weak when it comes to diets...If I told you all I've eaten today is a bowl of cheerios at 6:45 this morning, carrot and celery sticks at lunch and more carrot and celery sticks for snack just now you might think I'm not doing so horribly. ...The carrot and celery sticks were covered in peanut butter. LOTS and LOTS of peanut butter. NOT GOOD! But even with the peanut butter I'm doing better today than I have all week. Tomorrow's a new day and I just won't add the peanut butter!! It's so good though!! The really sad thing is that I have a slight reaction when I eat peanut butter. My lips get itchy and really you'd think I wouldn't eat'd think.


Mindy said...

Try something more filling for breakfast like oatmeal or something. I haven't been on a diet but my skinny friends always seem to eat plenty of whole grains which seems to conflict with the diet crazes out there. Maybe you could walk somewhere short like the park nearby with your kids and then do stretches on the playground.
I have never been good at exercise but have been good at walking Hazel to preschool...that's over a mile.

JJ said...

Hang in there...but don't starve yourself! I agree with Mindy, find healthy food that are more filling. Fiber filled...I guess we are all low on fiber these days.