Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not that i'm a huge fan of getting struck by lightening but I have to say that somedays I think its obvious I was created by a MALE. At least that's how i've been feeling since I had Ryleigh...child number 3. We aren't going to get into the "poor me, why do I have to be female and have to have a period and hormones blah blah blah"...although I do wonder that once in a while! I am wondering why God only gave me 2 arms. Yah, that worked when I had 2 kids!! I could manage 2 kids and cooking and housework etc with 2 that we have 3 kids those things aren't as manageable. So this is what i'm thinking...If I were to make a woman...haha...I'd make it where if/when needed she could pop out extra arms! Take me for instance, the breastfeeding didn't work out this time around so I don't need boobs for anything...what a perfect place for an extra set of arms!! Imagine the advantages of that! I could get so much more done!! Ok, so it might freak Andy out a little bit but I would bet meals would be on time, the house clean, kids under control and Ryleigh content! Hey, if we are able to grow a human inside of us for 9 whole months we should be able to grow an extra set of arms from time to time!!
Haha I'm such a dork!!


Andrea and Danny said...

hahahaha! That would be quite convenient!! I dont need em now, but someday I'll be wishin I can do the same!!

The Jones :) said... are too funny...I've always been told the transition between 1-2 kids is harder then 2-3??? Is that not the case?? I agree though...who needs boobs anyways...unless you're using them to feed something...GET RID OF can live without them for a bit!! :) :) You made my day with this post...thanks!!! LOL
Love you and hope things get a little easier!!

Mindy said...

I'm catching up on your posts tonight. Sorry about breastfeeding. I went through that and didn't quit. It was SO hard. You'll want to make sure that your baby doesn't have a yeast infection too--that's what it is for you, and you and the baby could spread it back and forth if you were still feeding her. Good luck with the transition. I hear it's not easy to all of a sudden have 3 either. I wonder how people did 12 in the olden days.