Monday, October 27, 2008


I DID IT!! I made it through an entire workout video! YAHOO!! And it really sucked!! haha I'm so glad I did it though! Ryleigh stayed sleeping and the kids for the most part stayed out of my way! This is the first time since having Ryleigh that I've done an entire workout video! My 'scar' from the c-section felt really tight the entire time I worked out and I have a pulled tendon in my abdomen area that is really sore but I DID IT!! Now my plan is to get on the treadmill once the kids go down for naps...if Ryleigh cooperates. I'm really mad at myself for putting so much weight on and for not working out more while I was pregnant. Now I get to work really hard to get it off...blah!!!! 60 DAYS!!

The kids thought it was fun to work out with me...for like 2 minutes! Then they gave up!!


JJ said...

Way to go....keep it up...but becareful not to do too much. You want to heal properly too. I love you, have a great day!

The Jones :) said...

The kids look pretty cute exercising too!! :) Good job on doing the video...don't over-do it though!! Don't want to hurt yourself...hey I may have a "scar" like you after this one!?! Just found out today that this baby is most likely if they can't turn her...I'll be in the boat with you and have a c-section...WOO HOO :(
Love ya

SarahLee said...

WHAT!!! ***THREE KIDS???*** How did I not know you were pregnant? Dang, it's been a long time since we've talked!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) Your kids are sooo cute, ps! :)

Andrea and Danny said...

Your kiddos are TOO cute!! Anna, you may not have worked out too much while you were pregnant, but you HARDLY gained ANY weight!!! Look - at least you didnt gain as much as you did with Eric! Danny doesnt think theres any possibility to me gaining more than 35lbs. I dont understand- maybe he's just in denial!

Good luck with getting your body back to normal! I think I need to look some stuff up so at least I know a little bit what to expect with my body when I have this baby!!

Love you!!!

P.S. You should post some pictures of Ryleigh!! I'm sure she looks way older! I thought so after her being like a week and a half old!